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  • Features:

    • Unbreakable Window 9mm triplex
    • Accesible Price This allows you to have an incredible machine with top quality components without huge expenses
    • Sleek, modern look
    • Plasma TV Screen You have the option of putting a Plasma TV Screen inside of your store, which will increase the machines appeal and attract the attention of those walking by
    •  Movable This store is movable. If the retail space you have chosen isn’t working for you – you can move the machine into a new space
    • Flexible Product Range This store can retail both light and heavy products
    • Huge touchscreen monitor This feature allows you to show the highest quality images of your products, attracting passersby and increasing your sales
    • Our Loyalty Program Our loyalty program can print a receipt with a QR code for your clients, which they can then use at each subsequent purchase to receive a small discount
    • Easy Product Change This machine is able to quickly change shelves and prices. Even if you need to completely change your inventory – it will only take 40 mins
    • Reliable Robotics We use the highest quality German components giving your machine a long service life.
    Dimensions: 1964 (width)*2001 (height)*1210 (depth)mm
    Net weight: 550kg

    Standard Equipment:

    • 6 levels for cells, 42 cells
    • 100mm cells – 18pcs
    • 150mm cells – 9pcs
    • 200mm cells – 9pcs
    • 250mm cells – 6pcs
    • External Colour – RAL 9006
    • Internal Colour – RAL 9006
    • Frame Colour – Anodized Aluminium
    • Touchscreen –
    • 24” single touch capacitive
    • Internal LED lighting
    • Thermal Printer

    Technical Specs:

    • Touchscreen:
      24” single touch capacitive touchscreen
    • Usage:
      1.3-2Kw, 10A, 230VAC, 50-60Hz, with grounding
    • Communication interface:
      WiFi, SMS, TCP/IP, USB Modem
    • On-board PC:
      2core CPU, 30GB Flash storage, 4Gb RAM, Modified Ubuntu OS, UPS
    • Weight:
    • Dimensions (WxDxH):
      1964mm x 1210mm x 2001mm
    • Software:
      Client application with GUI (3 click purpose)
      For operator – secure service menu.
      Automated data synchronization
    • Capacity:
      • 704 iPhones
      • 72 Laptops (eg MacBook Pro)
      • 650 Toys
      • 550 Books
    2M Smart Shop
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