AI Robots and Age Verification Custom Vending Machine for Sale in Australia

AI Robots and Age Verification Custom Vending Machine for Sale in Australia

Products with age restrictions, controlled, and regulated products can be sold successfully using AI robots and age verification vending machines. Sale of age-restricted items with limited consumption or other regulatory criteria includes cigarette/tobacco products, alcohol beverages and beer vending, restricted equipment, cannabis / CBD products (where legal), prescription medications, and medication. These vending machines need to be fitted with active control of the sales process technologies, including biometrics, visual recognition, remote inspection, artificial intelligence, etc.

Smart custom vending machine’s automated retail platform allows for full customization to meet specific regulatory needs and ensure full compliance.

Why Get an Age Verification Machine

AI Robots and Age Verification Custom Vending Machine for Sale in AustraliaThe new vending technology provides an economically viable and commercially effective method and system for validating a customer’s age before he purchases age-restricted commodities from a vending machine, therefore meeting the demands and overcoming the drawbacks of the previous machines. Here are some other benefits:

Verifying the Buyer’s Age Visually

To guarantee that the age criteria for purchasing restricted items are met, it is necessary to verify the buyer’s age.

Advanced Technology

The Smart Age Verification Vending Machine for sale interface is unique and incredibly advanced, with features including vein verification biometrics, digital display merchandising, and a wide range of delivery methods.

Convenient and Reliable

A trustworthy and hassle-free method of selling controlled substances to people who are allowed to buy them, with no human interaction required at the point of sale.

Easy to Sell CBD products

The process of checking someone’s age takes less than a minute. Our solution for age-restricted AI vending machines employs advanced face recognition to verify the user’s identity and verify their age against their ID. Customers may buy CBD products from a vending machine when our program determines whether or not they have passed the age requirement.

Control and Monitoring

The whole purchasing procedure, from item selection to delivery, can be reliably and consistently monitored and controlled.

Available at all times

Easy access to vending machines any time, any place, around-the-clock.

Features of the Age Verification Vending Machine

Here are some interesting features of the age verification vending machine:

A Variety of Payment options

The machine can be set up to accept a wide range of card and cashless payment methods, including cash, coin, credits, and loyalty points, as well as magnetic stripe, IC, RFID, QR code, and NFC card readers and scanners.

Increased Capability and Range Of Products

Adaptable machine form factors allow for flexible product distribution, considering height, breadth, depth, weight, temperature control, and legal limits.

Interactivity and Product Details

The machine’s huge, eye-catching touchscreen draws customers in and boosts sales. Nutritional information and other product details can be presented in either a static or moving video style.

Need AI Robots and Age Verification Custom Vending Machine for Your Business?

Our high-tech vending machine offers age-restricted vending solutions for your customer. Our backend system allows you to sign up consumers and verify their identities at the machine or kiosk, making our age verification technology unique in the industry. During the registration process, we employ an advanced vein reader to confirm a user’s identity by reading the veins in their finger. 

Also, we offer custom vending machine Sydney for your business. We’re pleased to say that we have satisfied customers all around Australia, including in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, and the Gold Coast. If you have any questions about your vending options, please contact us.

AI Robots and Age Verification Custom Vending Machine for Sale in Australia
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