Al Cigarette Vending Machine

We all know that the subject of cigarettes is a rather controversial one but one thing we cannot deny is that the people who have to smoke will smoke no matter what you do to stop them. Due to this, the least that can be done is the protection sales to juveniles and that is something which can be achieved with the sophisticated and mind-blowing technology offered and created by DeepBlue.

Smart Vending Machines

In this age and time, everything is advancing rather quickly so why should vending machines stay behind. This is why DeepBlue brings to you Al Cigarette Vending machines with artificial intelligence that the world needs and will be blown away with.

Palm Vein Recognition and Face Recognition

Most of us might be familiar with these technologies but those who are not we have an explanation for you, Palm vein recognition is the sophisticated technology that helps indicate identities through vein-patterns.

Each human has different vein patterns due to which this technology cannot be fooled and is extremely hard to crack.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition again is a rather sophisticated technology which is highly appreciated by all industries. An example of this is the smartphone industry. Al Cigarette Vending Machines Australia offers this technology with which each person will be verified for purchase via face recognition.

How does this help?

The sale of cigarettes to juveniles is a worldwide issue and there have been a lot of actions taken to limit and stop this. Cigarettes have been less accessible to the underage population but they still somehow manage to bring fake ID’s and get their way.
With technologies like these, fooling your way out is not a choice. The promotion of Al Cigarette Vending Machines means that you are a taking a step forward to limit the sale of a single pack or a carton of cigarettes greatly.

Great from a Business point of view as well

Al Cigarette Vending Machines Australia is fully automated. This gives you the perks of intelligent background management systems. With these, you can have a fully automated inventory, data update, and data replenishment reminding. This makes your business extremely easy to run without renting a big store and hiring staff to take care of all such business matters.

Automated Consumption Data Analysis

For data analysis of consumption, business needs to hire qualified specialists and yet still sometimes face human errors. DeepBlue provides you with automatic consumption data analysis which will help you note the productivity, profitability, and energy efficiency which is of course highly beneficial for your business. This further assists in carrying out product assortments better and improvements in supplying operation support.

More Value-Added Services to Sellers

Sellers receive more value-added services as DeepBlue offers dynamic and static advertisement functions where each seller is offered to personalize their vending machines according to their own choice.

We give you efficiency and ethics

Al Cigarette Vending Machine creates these to help the community and to help the business. With these, you can maintain ethics and have a profitable business. Who needs more?

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