Outdoor Laundromat Vending Machine

Recently, outdoor laundries featuring washing machines and dryers are being installed in car parks, stores, and outdoor spaces in different cities across Australia. These Laundromat vending machine systems are fast becoming one of the biggest self-service laundry machines across the country. The laundry vending machine offers an effective way to wash and dry clothes. Also,…
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Vending Machines Brisbane

At Smart Vending Machines, we provide and supply custom smart vending machine systems clients across Brisbane and nearby cities. Our vending machines Brisbane can stock and vend different food items and other products, including snacks, food, beverages, drinks, office equipment, personal hygiene items, and more. We have different vending machine systems that can serve your…
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Custom Vending Machine Brand Activations

Over the next five years, intelligent vending machines are anticipated to grow by about 17% globally. These vending machine systems feature state-of-the-art technology capable of providing important customer data. Thus, making a vending machine an amazing avenue for targeting customers and acquisition of data. As a result, several businesses, retailers, and brands have started investing…
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Robot Vending Machine Australia

Just like the soda-mixing freestyle machines that were developed a few years ago, Smart Vending Machines is introducing robot vending machine systems. These vending machines are capable of creating custom mixtures of cereals and toppings, including nuts and fresh fruits. Our new robot vending machine Australia at Smart Vending Machines can deliver the perfect breakfast bowl…
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AI Robot Barista Technology Replacing the Coffee Vending Machine

Due to advancements in technology, the beverage and food industry is starting to automate certain processes. Among these is the brewing of coffee. AI robot barista technology is now being used to replace the coffee vending machine. The AI robot barista delivers delicious cups of coffee in a very efficient manner and is able to…
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