Effective Ways to Boost Your Micro Market Sales

With advancements in technology, change in the generation and more such factors coming into play, traditional vending machines have been replaced with micro markets in a lot of places, including malls, workplaces, retail stores and more. This popularity is due to the fact that a micro market allows one to stock up on more product…
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Does Your Trade Need a Vending Machine? : An Analysis

Unlike older times when vending machines were limited to shopping complexes and malls, they are now becoming more versatile. Modern advances and added features have led to vending machines being capable enough to cater to a large chunk of businesses. Additionally, the fact that these eliminate the need for human resource by automating the buying…
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The Benefits of Installing a Self-Checkout Kiosk in Your Retail Space

With changing times, redundant human jobs are increasingly being automated. Keeping up with this technological advancement, human cashiers are now being replaced by AI-based self-checkout kiosks. Moreover, there are statistics to show that this self checkout trend is booming. As per a survey by SOTI, 76% of consumers indicated that their retail shopping experience is…
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Latest and Upcoming Vending Machine Trends

In this tech-savvy world, where new inventions keep happening everyday, changing with the times is necessary in order to stay relevant. Just like people, vending machine trends also have to embrace technological advancement and changing needs in order to remain lucrative. Therefore, constant upgradation is a prerequisite to make any vending machine business a success. …
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