Custom PPE Vending Machine Sydney & Melbourne – Custom Face Mask Vending Machine

During the past couple of weeks, Sydney has experienced an increase in new cases of COVID-19 pandemic and Melbourne unfortunately has surged with about 350 to 450 daily cases. To mitigate the coronavirus pandemic's continuous spread, leading coronavirus experts and healthcare professionals have advised residents of Sydney to emulate Melbourne and make wearing a face…
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Custom Face Mask Vending Machine and PPE Vending Machine for Sale in Australia

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, offices and businesses are encouraged to keep the workplace environment and public places safe. This requires making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety products, and personal hygiene items such as face mask, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves available to employees and the general public. Thankfully, face mask vending…
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How Singapore is Utilizing Technology and Vending Machines

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the attention of several companies and businesses across the world to more pressing things. In order to keep the citizens and residents safe, businesses are now making efforts to distribute personal hygiene products to everyone. Razer, a gaming accessories company in Singapore, intends to distribute about five million face masks…
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