Custom Vending Machine Brand Activations


Over the next five years, intelligent vending machines are anticipated to grow by about 17% globally. These vending machine systems feature state-of-the-art technology capable of providing important customer data. Thus, making a vending machine an amazing avenue for targeting customers and acquisition of data.

As a result, several businesses, retailers, and brands have started investing in activations where the vending machine focuses more on the customer experience. These vending machines are capable of dispensing any item from food to drinks, office equipment, beautify items, full-sized cars, and more. For your custom vending machine brand activations, Smart Vending Machines is the ideal company to turn to.

At Smart Vending Machines, we specialize in providing custom vending machine systems for businesses and brands in Australia. Our smart custom vending machines are reliable and can serve your vending needs for an extended period. These vending machine systems can create an ongoing buzz and offer exceptional services that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Top Brands Deploying Vending Machines

Here are some of the top brands that are deploying vending machine systems

Adidas: Live interaction

Adidas installed vending machine systems in two sports bars in Boston and Los Angeles during the baseball World Series to promote their new Splash Pack line. The vending machine came with various in-built digital features that will unlock a variety of items depending on the on-field action. Thus, customers were able to win different limited edition products, such as cleats, gears, and autographs from Adidas athletes.

Lululemon: Data Capturing

Lululemon set up a vending machine at one of its Run Stop Shops in Chicago and New York. Customers were able to win different goodies, including Lululemon socks, hats, and Honey Stinger energy chews. These prizes were won by customers who answered a quick questionnaire on their workout routine. Also, customers were required to register with their emails and post a workout picture with the hashtag #thesweatlifeCHI or #thesweatlifeNYC.

Yves Saint Laurent: Customization

Furthermore, Yves Saint Laurent created a vending machine in order to promote its beauty collection in Hong Kong. The vending machine added different customization levels to beauty products purchased by customers. Thus, guests were able to purchase products, such as lipsticks with their names inscribed on the product. Through the YSL’s customizing vending machine, the brand was able to interact more with its target customer.

Mulberry: Gamification

Smart Vending Machine SydneyMulberry, in partnership with TheCurrent Global, launched an in-store vending machine system, which allowed visitors to play a game of roulette and win different prizes, including vouchers, leather goods, and more. In order to play, customers were required to provide their email addresses and social media handles. The vending machine system helped the brand to capture data on both new and existing customers.

Hung Fook Tong: Personalization through AI

In Hong Kong, herbal tea chain Hung Fook Tong (HFT) deployed vending machine systems with sophisticated technology. Hung Fook Tong vending machines combined artificial intelligence and visual recognition technology to better understand customer needs and deliver personalized services. The vending machine created an individual profile for each customer, including their photos and past purchases.

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If you need custom smart vending machines for your business or brand, contact us today at Smart Vending Machines today to get a quote. Our custom vending machine systems are highly affordable, reliable, and require little to no maintenance. We’re proud to serve clients across Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide, Australia.

Custom Vending Machine Brand Activations
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