Digital Signage a Sign of the Future


Forget the coin slots and broken buttons, the arrival of digital signage and interactivity is changing the way customers interact with vending machines.

Vending machine technology is advancing at a rapid rate and Smart Vending Machines are at the forefront of this change. These changes have facilitated a rare and engaging opportunity for brands to connect directly with customers at the point of sale.

Industry research indicates that the longer someone spends at a vending machine, the more likely they are to spend. Our digital touch screens are an ideal way to attract attention and keep the customer engaged which leads to improved sales and revenue.

At the Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Chicago, experts agree that “consumers want to interact with technology, but that technology has to make sense. It has to make sense for your business model too. We’re creating and using technology that aligns with the business process in order to drive sales and build profits. Secondly, it has to make sense for your customers. It has to be easy to use and be an improvement over the previous process and experience.”

Touch screen technology allows us to bridge the gap between social media and vending machines. Our new Twitter-activated vending machines use a touch screen interface to display the instructions to the buyer. The buyer will be asked to “tweet” a specific #hashtag to a dedicated @handle from their mobile device. Once the consumer tweets the @ and #, a product is immediately dispensed from the machine.

Gamification technology is also being adapted to suit vending machine touch screens. Using games encourages interaction and increases the amount of time a consumer spends at the machine. The use of smart technology and digital marketing is increasing the spend across touch screen enabled vending machines.

These kinds of “intelligent” machines enable consumers to connect to the machine using their own unique information and create a personalised setting based on their individual preferences.

As we’ve seen in fast food restaurants, digital signage is creating an interactive experience between the customer and the ordering process. Increased revenues show us that engagement is a crucial element in decision-making, regardless of whether you’re ordering a burger or a soft drink. When this signage and creativity get together who knows what can be achieved.

Digital Signage a Sign of the Future
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