Face Mask Advise From Victorian Premier Will Increase Face Mask Vending Machine Demand in Melbourne Public Locations and Workplaces

Man wearing disposable medical face mask makes disinfection of hands with sanitizer in airport, supermarket or other public place. Safety during coronavirus outbreak.

For several months now, the whole world has been battling with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Recently, various cities in Australia and other parts of the world have started easing lockdown and movement restrictions. Nonetheless, it is still important to stay safe, protect yourself, and maintain social distancing orders. Putting on face masks is one of the recommended ways of protecting yourself and others when in public spaces and the workplace. Face mask vending machines and PPE vending machines now provide an easier and safer way to make face masks available.

Recently, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, in a public statement, encouraged residents of Melbourne to wear face masks to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state. In his statement, Premier Daniel Andrews encouraged over five million Victorians, including residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, to always put on face masks when commuting, visiting stores, and public spaces where it may not be possible to maintain social distancing rules.

“Whether you are in an Uber, a taxi, on public transport, or even in the shopping mall, always wear a mask,” said Andrews. This directive was based on professional health advice and recommendation from the city’s Chief Health Officer. It has also been supported by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).

Demand for Face Masks and Face Mask Vending Machines Set to Increase

As a result of the government’s directive that everyone in public places should put on face masks, an increase in demand for face masks is expected within the following weeks. Millions of masks will be needed in a city of over five million residents.

Meeting the high demand may require more efficient and automated methods such as using face mask vending machines in Victoria Australia. Australia is expected to follow the world trend of unprecedented demand for contactless face mask and PPE vending machines in public places and workplaces.

What’s more, the face mask vending machine is capable of dispensing face masks and personal hygiene products without any need for a designated operator. They can be used at Office Buildings, Apartment High Rise Towers, Schools, Hospitals, Train Stations, Medical Centers, Airports, Gyms, Hotels, and more.

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Face Mask Advise From Victorian Premier Will Increase Face Mask Vending Machine Demand in Melbourne Public Locations and Workplaces
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