Frozen Food Vending Machines

Did you miss on your breakfast? Don’t have anything to eat at work? Maybe you could use of frozen food vending machines stuffed with sandwiches, yogurt, and fruits. Smart Vending Machines provides extremely reliable and valuable vending machines that are perfect for your workspace and food vending machine business.

Frozen Food Vending

We are the best in town. With our wide of frozen vending machines that allow us to serve the wide array of businesses.  Not just that, we ensure that all of our quality standards are met and delivered rightly to our customers.

Why choose Frozen vending machine from Smart Vending Machines?

Frozen vending machines are a great way to add more variation to your vending needs. If you are just tired of the mainstream drink and snack machines, frozen food vending machines can add more taste to your daily lunch menu. They aren’t just healthier alternatives but also five you more options. With Smart Vending frozen vending machines, you can have varying meal options; you can have access to ice creams, pies, sausage rolls and a lot more like:
  • Pasta Meals
  • Pasties
  • Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Roast Dinners
We have the widest range of frozen vending machines. So whether you are a large scale business or an SMB, we have vending machines that you can easily afford. We provide complete delivery and installation services so when you order a delivery machine, you won’t have to go through the process of delivery and carriage yourself. Our multi -temperature freezers allow you to store different food items, so if you want to store lots of food items, there isn’t a better choice than Smart Vending frozen food vending machines.

Why choose Smart Vending frozen food vending machines?

Our frozen vending machines are suitable for offices, lobbies and dormitories so that you have access to wide range of microwavable meals.

We offer a range of configurations for our vending machines so that you can save multi-range freezers, fridge/freezers combinations. Our front glass merchandising looks beautiful and perfect for every kind of office. Users of vending machines can have a clear look at what they are buying and if the freshness of the food is intact.

Are their any questions and queries that you have about our frozen vending machines, why not give us a call? Or you could check our store and order your own.

Energy Efficient stocking

If you are worried about the electricity bills, you can also choose from our energy efficient models. We provide long-lasting, green and high-efficiency refrigeration options. Other features of our frozen vending machines include:
  • Backlit keypad
  • Programmable LED display
  • Supports cash, coin, debit and credit systems
  • Full-featured controller to have complete control over sales and accounting
  • Treated glass to deal with high-humid environments
Smart Vending Machines provides fully professional refrigeration technicians and with our wide array of spare parts, you won’t be left with your broken vending machine at the mercy of same underqualified worker. We provide fast and reliable repairs anywhere in Australia. Contact us for more details, we are waiting to hear from you.
Frozen Food Vending Machines
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