Getting School Vending Right

School Vending Machine

Developing an Understanding of School Vending

School going children, much like working adults, spend most of their times in their respective institutions. Spending nearly half their day at school, children are bound to be hungry in regular intervals and there is only so much lunch they can pack from home and eat during the specified lunch hours at the school lunch area. For all those other times, for them to stay fed and hydrated, vending machines serve a great purpose in this.

When you walk around a school area, you will notice how energetic children remain throughout their day. They are always keen to play more and be creative in all senses. This requires energy, and the right kind of energy. Gone are the days of ignorance and believing every marketing campaign. Parents have become cautious as to what they allow their child to consume.

Keeping several such factors in mind, here are a few tips on getting school vending right:

  • Investment: While looking at the investment aspect of vending machine in schools, we provide free vending machines to schools. And also take care of the routine servicing and maintenance.
  • Healthy Advice: Understand the government regulations around what kind of food is safe to eat for children and what adds the most value to their diet. This understanding can validate your efforts in the eyes of parents, and leave them without a worry.
  • Observe Behaviours: Pay attention to what the children like. To find a balance between healthy snacks and desired snacks, pay keen attention to what children go for more often, while also being a healthy snack.
  • Timely Restocking: Restocking vending machines on time can be a crucial factor in retaining customers. Children are equally important and vigilant consumers when compared to adults. If they keep noticing their favourite snack or beverage missing from the machine, they would not choose to keep coming back, only to be disappointed again.

If you’d like to find out more about how vending machines in schools can be a profitable business for you, give us a call or drop an email and we would love to get in touch.

Getting School Vending Right
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