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Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine from Smart Vending Machines
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been an increasing need for individuals and families to remain safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) and medical experts advise everyone to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, and also apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Regular washing of hands and applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers will help in killing any virus on your hands and curb the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, a lot of public places and companies now have hand washes and sanitizers. However, refilling these bottles is often a huge concern. To refill, you may need to touch the bottle. In a situation that the bottle has already been infected, you may be exposing yourself. For this reason, Smart Vending Machines developed a contactless vending machine that can dispense hand sanitizer.

About the Hand Sanitizer Contactless Smart Vending Machine
Smart Vending Machines is an Australian business based in Melbourne recognized for building custom smart software vending machines. Our software engineers were able to develop this coronavirus Australia hand sanitizer contactless vending machine using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques. The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a capacity of 100 to 800 bottles of hand sanitizers, depending on the bottle’s sizes. Each bottle is individually sanitized upon restocking the machine.

What’s more, we developed this contactless vending machine to be able to dispense hand sanitizer easily and curb the spread of the COVID-19. You can set up the machine and software to dispense one free hand sanitizer per person each day. It is the ideal solution for public places such as airports, railway stations, private companies, police stations, educational institutions, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, factories, and more.

How Does The Hand Sanitizer Contactless Smart Vending Machine Work?
The coronavirus Australia hand sanitizer contactless vending machine is fully automated. It offers a relatively easy and safe way to protect against infections and maintain basic personal hygiene. The vending machine can be activated through your mobile phone, staff RFID card, QR code, credit card, email link, and other custom requirements.

With the contactless hand sanitizer smart vending machine, residents of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other cities in Australia can have seamless round-the-clock access for hand sanitizers and other personal hygiene products.

Get Your Hand Sanitizer Contactless Smart Vending Machine Today!
With the outbreak of COVID-19, the safety of your employees and customers is highly important. Fortunately, the coronavirus Australia hand sanitizer contactless vending machine can provide you with hand sanitizers and personal hygiene products without any need to touch the machine.

If you are in the market for a hand sanitizer contactless smart vending machine for your business, give us a call today at Smart Vending Machines. We specialize in building custom smart software vending machines for Australian businesses and brands.

Our vending machines are very affordable and highly reliable. We can accommodate your unique needs and build custom vending machine solutions that meet your budget. Our touch-free hand sanitizer vending machine will keep everyone safe. They will serve you excellently, for an extended period. An amazing experience awaits you.

Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine
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