How Intelligent Vending Machine is Changing the Retail Business Landscape?

Intelligent Vending Machine

We live in an era of incredible technological change – right from smartphones to the unpiloted drones, the evidence of technological advancement is everywhere around us!

In this digitised world where retailers are constantly exploring new ways to enhance customer experience, the AI-powered vending machines have emerged as one of the most progressive trends in the industry.

If you can sell it in a brick and mortar shop or virtually, you can vend it – This is the new Mantra that is set to shape the future of retailing.

With robust digitisation and incredible technological innovations, the conventional vending machines have undergone a paradigm shift. Recently, Amazon launched an automated retail store in Australia – Amazon Go. This futuristic store allows the consumer to walk in, pick whatever they want to purchase, pay for the stuff and walk out without interacting with the staff or waiting in a long queue. It is believed that this futuristic vending solution is set to change the retail landscape.

AI Grab and Go is the Future!

If you think intelligent vending machines are too futuristic, then consider this – today several things including live crabs, organically grown veggies, caviar, gold bars and even cars are being vended in several countries across the world.

Nowadays, the size, shape or shelf life of the product doesn’t matter when it comes to vending. You can put your products in front of your customers, in a more secure setting and with less overhead, offering them easy and unrestricted access to their favourite products. Furthermore, vending machines can be placed almost anywhere – You just need to explore the endless possibilities!

Intelligent Vending Machines and the Future of Retail

The AI and sensor-based vending solution are transforming the way tech-savvy consumers make their purchases. Today’s vending machines are far more technically superior as compared to their predecessors.

These new-age intelligent vending machines can interact directly with the consumer’s smartphone and learn about their past purchases to carry out unique preferences that are tailored to the specific consumer requirements. For instance, some vending machines make recommendations based on your earlier choices, just like YouTube does with videos. Furthermore, the intelligent vending machines are incorporated with machine learning and advanced algorithms which in turn improves the overall customer experience.


The retail industry is becoming more compact – Nowadays, instead of strolling through the aisle and dragging around the carts, consumers are buying everything from a refrigerator-sized box – Thanks to the rapidly evolving and smarter vending solutions!

How Intelligent Vending Machine is Changing the Retail Business Landscape?
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