How it Works

Smart vending machines provide businesses and individuals a variety of ways to assist you to develop an automated smart vending machine to roll out your brand. We are committed to build strong lasting relationships with our clients. We will work with your brand to develop a customised solution within the traditional vending machine model. Our smart vending machines will be branded with your look or feel and we will configure the machines to dispense the products you require. To develop your custom vending solution may vary from 4 – 12 weeks. At Smart Vending Machines we pride ourselves on being a trusted leader in the automated retail and smart vending machine industry.


  1. Start the process by meeting with our team to draft a plan and explain the specifics of your needs and objectives. This will include brand preferences, product and merchandising options, design concept and brief, promotional ideas and preferred location options. The initial meeting is designed to establish the goals of the brand.
  2. Your custom smart vending machine will be developed as per your specification. A custom business model will also be discussed and developed for the ongoing management and servicing of your smart vending machines. This will include a stock management and stock replenishing plans.
  3. Our venue and leasing agents will recommend locations for your smart vending machines.
  4. Our smart vending machine specialists will initiate a location rollout. Our development team focuses on inventory, software integration, social media marketing, promotions and merchandising strategies. Financials are also discussed at this stage.
  5. The final stage consists of the launch and rollout of your smart vending machines. We consistently monitor and follow up on our clients to establish the success of the models we have developed.
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