smart12How Smart Vending Machines Can Work For You

Smart Vending Machines has a vision – to make your commercial vision a reality. Using the most advanced technology the vending machine industry has ever seen, Smart Vending Machines is able to customise every machine to meet the demands of your unique customer base.

You could be a newcomer to the industry, looking for guidance in establishing your vending machine presence or an old hand with an innovative range of ideas you’re ready to execute. Whatever your situation, Smart Vending Machines is ready to help you take your business one step further.

We believe there’s no such thing as either a job too big or a job too small. You’ll be amazed at what you can now sell in one of our cutting edge custom vending machines

From fitness and healthcare to classical food and beverage and beyond, vending machines are undergoing a rapid revolution. It’s now possible to stock vending machines with unprecedented items once from t-shirts and swimwear to gifts for all occasions.

What’s clear is that customers are responding to the vending revolution. Smart Vending Machines can help you raise revenue in a low cost, low maintenance, highly secure environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

State of the art digital touch screens mean the customer’s opportunity to interact with vending machines and the products they want has never been easier or more intuitive.

How Do Smart Vending Machines Work?

The difference between Smart Vending Machines and the old school chips and drink dinosaurs you used to see, is light years.

All Smart Vending Machines can be configured to hold anything and dispense any product: T-shirts & apparel | Electronics | Medicines | Perfumes | Toys | Games | Cosmetics | Sunglasses | Watches & accessories | Video games & DVDs | Footware & socks | Mobile phones, mobile prepaid plans & accessories | Ink cartridges and more. Think big – almost anything can be given a home and sold for the price you choose.

As well as the user-friendly interface, the technology held within our Smart Vending Machines allows you to securely access all sales and stock data from any designated computer or smartphone.

Smart Vending Machines philosophy is focused on making life easy for your customers and even easier for you.


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