photosmarttec21Vending Machines a Long Way From Days Gone By

By integrating the most cutting edge technology on the market, Smart Vending Machines has the capability to change the very nature of how you do business.

There’s a wide selection of advanced vending machines on the market but there’re only a select few that bring together all aspects of comprehensive operation the way Smart Vending Machines do.

Our machines are powerful engine rooms of technology bringing together all aspects of our user-friendly vending machine management into one accessible hub. Access your sales and stock data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Smart Vending Machine difference benefits customers and machine operators simultaneously all the way from point of purchase through to comprehensive management of the back end. Buyers can access an unprecedented number of products while managers have access to critical information to better manage both stock and security.

Forget the old coin-operated snack and beverage machines, our technology will revolutionise the way we both sell and store products. In recent years, vending machines have changed rapidly which has led to operators and even customers being overwhelmed with too much information. Not anymore.

You’ve never before had such control over security. Our system gives you access to critical information remotely and brings everything together in an intuitive and flexible platform.

We know how critical effective inventory management is in running a problem free and successful business. We can offer you this through our cloud-based system that delivers unprecedented flexibility.

This is how it all works:

The Cloud

Using our web-based software system, we deliver customers the ability to manage their machines from desktop, tablet and mobile phone from anywhere at anytime – day or night.

Multi-machine management

Smart Vending Machines allow you track and manage any number of machines in any number of locations. We do this by assigning each machine a simple Internet connection. This means you can extract reports, see real inventory and generate “pick lists” without leaving your office.

Secure transactions
All of your transactions are 100 per cent encrypted. All data and numbers are secured and no credit card details are kept in machines.

Real-time inventory views
The full dispensing history and real-time inventory of all your machines is always available when you have access to the Internet. You can also keep track of your inventory in storage or delivery vehicles which means you can closely monitor your stock and re-order when you need to. This is a lifesaver if you’re selling perishable items.

You can have alerts sent to your mobile devices to let you know when stock is low or about to expire. We can also let you know if you’ve lost internet connection or power.

Powerful reporting

You’ll have some of the most powerful reporting capabilities available. This is vital in assisting managers to optimise their dispensing system. You’ll receive comprehensive reports on usage, lists for restocking, inventory positioning as well as a range of management reports that can be generated online and printed.


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