Is Vending Machine a Powerful Marketing Tool?


With advanced technologies working their way in our day-to-day life and constantly evolving consumer behaviour, the competition has become fiercer. In this cutthroat scenario, businesses today are tasked with enhancing consumer engagement to stay on the top of their game.
Several companies have come up with highly innovative and out-of-the-capsule marketing tactics as the technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds.

Vending Machine – A Potent Marketing Weapon?

Of late, brands are increasingly utilizing vending machines to promote their business. As compared to the other marketing tools, vending machines are less intrusive and disruptive. Additionally, in some cases, it allows the consumer to view, feel and experience the product or service without the pressure of being “sold”.

How Can a Smart Vending Machine Leverage Your Brand at (Large-Scale) Events?

Unlike, their predecessors, the new-age vending machines aren’t merely used to vend out snacks or drinks.

It’s recently that several eminent brands like Coca Cola have realized its immense promotional capabilities and are leveraging it to become omnipresent.
Here’s how renting an event vending machine can help your brand to extends its reach:

1. Targeted Marketing @ the Right Place
One of the major advantages of placing an event vending machine is that it conveys your brand message to an expansive audience at super-prime locations. Since these events are expected to experience extensive footfalls, vending machines have caught the attention of marketing ninjas.
An event vending machine positioned at selected premium locations offers a crucial avenue encouraging the potential consumers to take action. Moreover, placing customized event vending machines is a sure-shot way to engage with existing customers. Besides, you can get optimum exposure for the brand.

2. No Overhead Costs
Setting up a promotional staff or hiring sales staff isn’t just time-consuming, but also increases your overhead expenses.
Contrary to this, a customized vending machine placed at prime locations allows you to put your brand in high footfall area minus the exorbitant costs. Besides, with a personalized event vending machine, you can deliver your products/services consistently, efficiently and in-sync with your brand’s core value.

3. Make your Social Media Presence Felt
The existence and scope of social media have given numerous brands an opportunity to develop profound relationships with their prospective clients by integrating their virtual and social existence. Setting up smart vending machines powered with social media, enables you to increase your reach and brand awareness at an event, along with strengthening your interaction and customer engagement.
If you’re looking for innovative, technologically-advanced and customized event vending machines, contact Smart Vending Machine today!

Is Vending Machine a Powerful Marketing Tool?
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