IT Peripheral Vending Machine & Smart Lockers

IT Peripheral Vending Machine & Smart Lockers

A successful workplace is characterised by seamless activity. Be it the contributions of several team members to a project, administrative tasks, inventory supplies or all of the other daily requirements. The Smart Vending Machine’s IT Peripheral Vending Machine is set out to effectively and seamlessly eliminate all the issues relating to dispensing IT peripherals to employees and employers at all levels.

When employees have to walk to service desks to issue a new keyboard, printer ink, headphones or the like, it wastes valuable work time. Furthermore, the more significant issue is the untracked dispensing of inventory in the event of missing service desk staff. The IT Peripherals machine is an unattended solution to all of these problems leading to effortless dispensing, tracking and monitoring.


A few benefits of an IT Peripheral Vending Machines:

  • Employees can choose to use these machines literally at any time of the day or night. Obtaining necessary equipment like keyboards, storage devices, printer ink, power adapters, batteries and much more, can be done without wasting any extra time or relying on a service desk staff member’s availability.
  • These high-tech machines seamlessly do the inventory accounting, approvals, and necessary data filling for you. So that you can focus on what’s important, and leave the mundane tasks to artificial intelligence.
  • Suppliers can be alerted by the machine and will be able to swing by to restock the necessary products, leaving no downtime in placing an order and waiting on its arrival.


A prime additional feature of the IT Peripheral Vending Machine are its lockers. You might think that this machine is only capable of fulfilling smaller inventory requirements. However, with the help of these lockers, IT Peripheral Machines become a very crucial member of the office environment. Here are a few uses of the lockers:
  • Lockers can be used to pick up the larger products that employees can order through the machine.
  • Lockers also receive faulty products that are due for a repair. Simply place the faulty product and enter your details into the machine. The supplier/repairmen pick them up and deliver them back into the lockers. You are notified through the internal systems to pick up your order.
  • To avoid absolutely any kind of downtime, employees can simply drop in their defective product and are able to loan a perfectly working product for the time they wait for repairs to be completed.
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