Smart Vending Machines are Revolutionizing Retail

Cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art automation is revolutionizing Austrailian workplaces, schools, and cafeterias.


At the heart of this revolution is the smart vending machine. A 24/7 self-service counter which maximizes sales, while eliminating waste and staffing overheads.

Unlock Your True Sales Potential

Smart vending machines don’t just dispense soft drinks. Instead, Australian retailers are already using smart vending machines to automate sales of everything from designer clothing to fresh produce.

Reimagining Australian Cafeterias

Smart Vending Machines replace limited choice associated with school cafeterias and workplace canteens. Specifically, by proving patrons with a more extensive selection of high-quality grab-and-go food & beverage items.

Smart Vending Machine Benefits

Smart Vending Machine deployments in real Australian schools and workplaces, have already been an ROI success story. Grab-and-go smart vending machines benefit from 24/7 uptime. This facilitates round-the-clock turnover, while simultaneously reducing canteen running costs.

Benefits for Employers

Smart vending machines are capable of cold and ambient food storage. 24/7 uptime, therefore, allows employees to access nutritious food and refreshment outside of standard canteen operating hours.

  • Clear labeling & zero preparation eliminates allergy and food safety concerns
  • Smart vending machines eliminate canteen queues and boost staff morale
  • Machines can be configured to cater for all staff dietary preferences

Employee Benefits

  • Employees can access nutritious sustenance during non-conventional working hours
  • Access to better nutrition improves health and reduces absenteeism
  • Fast self-service eliminates stressful first come, first serve cultures during canteen rest breaks

Smart Vending Machines Scalability

Smart Vending Machines partner with leading technology providers. In doing so, our self-service machines can be custom manufactured to suit any workplace environment

  • Suitable for any secure school or workplace with 200 or more employees/attendees
  • High-end vending machine aesthetics compliment school and work canteens visually
  • Machines can be custom designed to fit specific cafeteria sizes

How it Works

Smart Vending Machines work with employees and leading nutritionists to curate custom meal and refreshment selections.

  • Choose from 300+ high-quality food and beverage selections
  • Employee surveys ensure that grab-and-go F&B choices appeal to all dietary requirements and individual food preferences
  • Varieties to choose from include breakfast items, ready-to-go meals, wraps, sandwiches, and several nutritious juices, bars, and snack assortments

Real-Time Inventory Monitoring

Smart vending Machines assigns a dedicated manager to take care of all stock replenishment, quality control, and 24/7 availability of refreshments.

To keep employees enthused, we also offer regular promotions and trials of new product ranges.

Easy Grab & Go Payment Options

Smart Vending Machines can be configured to allow school attendees and workplace employees to pay instantly via card, fingerprint, Apple Pay, or our own points system. Employees, therefore, never have to worry about forgetting their wallet, and have guaranteed 24/7 access to top-quality refreshments.

Improve Wellness Through Automation With Us

Smart Vending Machines is in the process of expanding nationwide all across Australia. To find out why we are in such high demand, make a direct enquiry with us for more information.

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