Kylie Jenner Champagne Vending Machine: Kylie Jenner has a Champagne Vending Machine in Her Office


Kylie Jenner did an awesome job in setting up the Kylie Cosmetics office. A video tour was recently released to give her fans a closer look at her luxurious office, a home away from home. In the video released by the 22-year old mogul, one of the things that caught our attention is the Kylie Jenner Champagne Vending Machine. This custom vending machine is a vital feature that was highlighted in the office tour.

Jenner said, “I have this amazing champagne machine,” while standing in front of a custom vending machine which was filled with Moët & Chandon champagne. In addition, the vending machine had the iconic lip logo of her brand on it. Although, Jenner mentioned that she is yet to start using the vending machine herself. However, she has seen some people get champagne from the machine.

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Wide Variety of Options:

The vending machine can be customized to fit your business needs. Just like Kylie Jenner champagne vending machine, you can get a custom vending solution for snacks, drinks, meals, and so forth.

Require Low Maintenance:

Also, the vending machine often requires low maintenance. The vending machine company will handle everything from installation to routine service or maintenance.

Save Time and Money:

Vending machines can make products available in as little as no time. This will save you almost 5 – 10 minutes you need to brew a coffer or trek down to the nearest restaurant to get lunch.

No Overhead Expenses:

Also, there is no need to hire a third party seller. This will save you overhead expenses such as monthly wages, payroll taxes, and more.

Added Convenience:

With your custom vending machine, you can make a wide selection of food, snacks, drinks, and beverages available for your employees and customers. This will keep them happy, boost morale, and improve productivity.

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Kylie Jenner Champagne Vending Machine: Kylie Jenner has a Champagne Vending Machine in Her Office
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