Micro Markets — Go Beyond the Conventional Vending!

Micro Markets

The concept of micro markets has picked up pace in recent years. Businesses across the globe are upgrading their vending experience by embracing self-serving and innovative micro markets to offer diverse and hassle-free refreshment options to their employees.

What is a Micro Market?

Cheaper than a cafe and healthier than a traditional vending machine, a micro market is a scaled-down and automated convenience store that is placed within an office, where the employees can purchase anything from snacks, sandwiches, salads, health drinks and more!

Micro Market – A Modern and Better Way To Eat!

The days of grabbing a can of soda or a packet of chips to quench the sudden hunger pangs are now passe!

A micro market empowers your employees with choice and the ability to pick their favourite meal from an extensive range of fun and exciting options.
Besides, various researches have shown that a majority of users prefer to physically pick up items and check their nutritional value before making a purchase.

Moreover, as there is no restriction for package sizes for the products displayed in an open shelf, micro markets can carry larger meal-sized products than conventional vending machines.

Micro Market – A Lucrative Business Move

Apart from providing the convenience of accessibility for healthy food items, a micro market is self-serving and doesn’t require any additional workforce to serve the employees.

A consumer-friendly and technologically advanced micro market station helps you take the traditional vending options to a whole new level. Besides, along with providing an increased product selection, micro markets also offer:

  • Competent self-checkout capabilities
  • Avant-garde inventory systems
  • Tailored products and setups

Micro Market – A Way to Offer Convenience

Over time consumer preferences have continuously changed and evolved, but one thing that has remained constant is: Consumers want convenience.

The mid-day hunger pangs are real and having an in-house source for snacks and beverages means your employee can satisfy their hunger pangs quickly and easily, without having to leave the office premises. The micro market is a quick and hassle-free option that saves time and energy of your employee. Besides, you can also save on the extra expense of setting up the staffed cafeteria.

If you are looking for innovative and technologically-advanced micro market solutions, contact us today and know your options!,

Micro Markets — Go Beyond the Conventional Vending!
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