Outdoor Laundromat Vending Machine

Outdoor Laundromat Vending Machine

Recently, outdoor laundries featuring washing machines and dryers are being installed in car parks, stores, and outdoor spaces in different cities across Australia. These Laundromat vending machine systems are fast becoming one of the biggest self-service laundry machines across the country. The laundry vending machine offers an effective way to wash and dry clothes. Also, the self-serve 24 hour Laundromat vending Australia can help reduce energy consumption.

At Smart Vending Machines, we specialize in providing and supplying custom smart vending machine systems, including the Laundromat vending machine. The system uses sophisticated technology and high capacity washing to deliver an amazing washing experience to users. With this, customers can now spend less time at stores washing clothes. The Laundromat vending machine is highly reliable and durable. It is guaranteed to serve your customer’s washing needs for an extended period.

What is the Laundromat Vending Machine?

The Laundromat vending machine is a compact, automatic, self-service laundry vendingLaundromat Vending Machine machine that seamlessly integrates professional, high capacities washing and drying machines. The laundry vending machine also features an advanced detergent and softener dosing system, an easy-to-use payment station, as well as customer shelter.

What Makes the Laundromat Vending Machine Different From Other Laundry Products?

The self-serve 24 hour Laundromat vending Australia has been designed to deliver form and function. The machine handles washing in the most efficient manner. Here are some amazing features that distinguish the Laundromat vending machine from other products:

Large Capacity Washers and Dryers: 

The laundry vending machine comes with large capacity washers and dryers with fastOutdoor Laundromat Vending Machine cycles. This makes it possible for the laundry machine to complete washing and drying in less time while removing any stubborn stains.  

Improved Resistance and Durability: 

The laundry vending machine was made from highly durable materials. It is highly resistant to severe conditions, including vandalism. The Laundromat vending machine will serve your needs for many years to come.

Open 24/7: 

Also, the self-serve 24 hour Laundromat vending Australia is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your customers need to wash during the day or night, the laundry vending machine is always available for use.

Ease of Access: 

What’s more, the Laundromat vending machine is easy to access and park. You can easily put your clothes in the machine for washing or remove them once done.

Access for Reduced Mobility People: 

Also, the laundry vending machine provides easy access for individuals with reduced mobility. This ensures that people with impaired mobility can also take advantage of the Laundromat vending machine for washing and drying their clothes.

Flexible Payment Options: 

The Laundromat vending machine also offers flexible payment options. There are mobile payment options, debit cards, credit cards, and more. Payments are easy contactless and absolutely secure.


Finally, the laundry vending machine features clear signage, and users will receive SMS notifications at the end of a washing or drying cycle. There is also a customer shelter where users can relax while washing.

Contact Us for Affordable Laundromat Vending Machine

If you need quality laundry vending machines, contact us today at Smart Vending Machines to get an accurate quote. We can supply you with affordable, self-serve, 24 hour Laundromat vending machine systems. We are proud to serve businesses throughout Australia.

Outdoor Laundromat Vending Machine
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