Smart Vending Machines can distribute a huge range of products from ink cartridges to a pair of socks to medical products. We’ve made a list of some of the vending options available to you. The only limit is your imagination!

T-shirts & apparel

Whether you’re dispensing singlets, hats or undies – if you can wear it, Smart Vending Machines can vend it. This is a great option for getting your branded wearable out there – suited to tourist attractions, universities, bars or even the airport.

Video games & DVDs

We make it easy to manage your inventory and put an end to shrinkage by rolling out a Smart Vending Machine to dispense DVDs and games. Whether from your existing retail environment or from off-site locations, we’ll streamline your business.

Footwear, socks, & sandals

We’ve got you covered for vending all kinds of footwear and everything feet. From thongs to specialty hiking socks, Smart Vending Machines lets you retail on location with ease.

Office Supplies

Keep on top of your supply closet using real-time inventory control. Using an employee swipe card or PIN, workers can get immediate access to everything they need in the office. Whether it be a pen or a USB drive, it’s immediate and convenient and can be controlled down to which employee has access to what using our advanced Cloud-based software.

Ink cartridges

Everyone knows how annoying it can be to run out of ink mid-report. No more rushing to the shop – Smart Vending Machines lets you vend all the ink cartridges you need to keep everything running smoothly. We can also set you up to cater for the return of used cartridges.

Tool Hub

Be innovative – establish a tool hub which lets your employees vend a ‘lend’ of tool products. Smart Vending Machine gives you a secure way to assist with inventory control and lessen wastage.

Medical supplies

Dispensing important medical supplies has never be easier or more secure. Whatever the environment, give your employees immediate access to medical items using swipe card, PIN or even a high-tech finger-print scanner.




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