Smart Vending for Fitness & Health

Just like you’re in the business of getting people fit, we’re in the business of getting businesses fit. So whether you run a gym, health club or a swimming club, Smarting Vending Machines give you the opportunity to streamline your business with a low cost, low manpower alternative.

Typically, the health and fitness industries demand high personal attention, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Avoid unnecessarily staffing your venue to serve every drink and deliver every towel. Smart Vending Machines can and will work closely with you to build the right machine for your business. You can vend sports drinks, swimming goggles, weights gloves and towels to anyone who turns up unprepared. With a fitness vending machine, 24 hour gyms can also rely on much smaller overnight work crews and save your company hard earned dollars.

Our Smart Vending Machines Can Work in Any Gym

The advanced software and technology used in our Smart Vending Machines really is the ideal solution for any type of fitness centre. Since most fitness facilities are membership-based, we can design a machine that leverages memberships and enables you to charge to a customer’s personal account. This means they don’t have to use a credit card or even cash because your account will debit them without them spending a cent up front.


Because our machines are so secure, you won‘t have to worry about your stock being stolen or damaged. These machines are, by definition, an added barrier of security. They are exceptionally strong and very difficult to break. This allows you to minimise shrinkage and control your stock.

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