Medical Vending Machines: Greater Security, Greater Control

Smart Vending Machines understands that healthcare problems can be solved with progressive vending methods.


We work effectively with hospitals and medical centres as well as paramedics, fire stations and other areas of the emergency sector. Our vending machines provide these medical industries with straightforward access to important medical products.

Controlled Substances

Many areas of the medical industry, including hospitals, are required to stock potentially dangerous and addictive substances. They are required to keep these substances in secure and controlled environments where their use can be tracked and documented. This is not a simple process and many hospitals and medical centres haven’t achieved successful solutions.

The good news is Smart Vending Machines can develop customised vending machines to empower medical professionals to access materials and drugs as well as restock them when they need to. Our custom vending machines document all withdrawals and regulate their access based on the professional’s level of authority.

Medical supplies

Custom medical vending has the capacity to remove the need for storage areas as well as save vital time. They give managers the real-time capability to assess shrinkage, inventory and potential theft as well as make it faster for staff to get supplies which saves time and money. Placing custom vending machines in medical facilities can also allow medical staff to simply swipe their employee badge or punch and enter a security code to access what they need.

Retail Vending for Your Healthcare Facility

Retail vending simply makes sense whether machines are placed in hospitals, medical centres and day surgery clinics. It delivers a clean and convenient way to offer food and beverages to patients, visitors and staff.

Hospital food service providers have the ability to work with Smart Vending Machines to deliver a customised point of sale system. Hospital staff are able to use pin codes and employee badges while patients can use cash and credit. Our vending solutions can revolutionise how you manage some of your businesses long term issues.

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