Hospitality: Custom Vending for Hotels

Hotels have used vending machines as a staple in hallways for a very long time. Enter Smart Vending Machines, and it’s state-of-the-art software and you have the potential to change the way you operate your hotel.
Because our software can be used with a range of identifications, including room keys and PIN numbers, all kinds of products can be charged straight back to the room, letting you do away with the need for cash or credit. Whatever you decide to vend, Smart Vending Machines has the capacity to make it work for you.

High-Tech Vending Machines for the Hospitality World

The same rules apply whether you run a five star hotel in the heart of the city or a roadside motel in the country – a vending machine can be customised to suit your needs.

From food and beverages to just about every type of hygiene product, the choice of vending products for you is growing exponentially. The potential cost savings are endless. Choosing the right vending machines for your hotel has the potential to see your staff costs drop substantially.

Security, Productivity, and Support

It’s not about doing away with your personalised, face-to-face services, however, there are many items that can be sold through vending machines that simply don’t require your current level of attention.

Think about the time saving that’s possible if you could make it possible for guests to grab extra items they need such as soap, shampoos and hand towels from a self service vending machine. All the while, these items can be charged back the guest’s room which allows your staff to focus on other tasks.

Our machines are very durable and strong, being built from steel and reinforced glass. We can guarantee the security of products that might otherwise be lost to theft. If at any time you require maintenance on any of your machines, we’re always on hand to solve any problems.

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