School Vending Machines

Schools and Children Do Well from Customised Vending

Kids health is at the forefront of our minds. Australian families and schools are always finding new ways to champion nutrition in growing children. At Smart Vending Machines, we’re making it our business to bring better food solutions into schools.


We schools don’t want vending machines laden with soft and energy drinks or bursting with chips and chocolate bars. This is precisely why Smart Vending Machines’ is dedicated to customised vending so that we can cater to all kinds, shapes and sizes healthy food and beverage products.

In Victoria, food requirements are grouped into three ‘traffic light categories’ – green, amber and red:

Green is for foods and drinks acceptable for every day. Foods like lean meats, reduced fat dairy products, wholegrain breads and whole foods like fruit.

Amber is for foods to be selected carefully and in small portions. Foods like prepared pastas, noodles, some meat products, cakes and dairy desserts.

Red is for foods to be available “occasionally” (up to twice a term). Foods that are high in kilojoules, saturated fat and salt.

Smart Vending Machines is set up to manage this type of scenario with ease. We can align our machines with systems such as the ‘traffic light categories.’ With the aid of our sophisticated Cloud-based software, your school can control exactly what’s available in a vending machine at any given time. Our smart digital screens will also display nutritional information on all products stocked within the machine.

A vending solution in your school can reduce the need for sometimes hard-to-come-by volunteer canteen staff as well as increase the amount of storage space in the canteen itself. We can help you deliver first class food hygiene in our schools via our highly secure and temperature-regulated vending machines.

School students can pay with the traditional notes and coins method or they have the option to utilise our Smart student ID cards.

It doesn’t have to stop with food. Sporting products like swimming caps and goggles, the ever-forgotten hats, drink bottles and sports socks can easily be sold in our highly versatile, highly customisable Smart Vending Machines.

Smart Vending Machines in schools are a friend to students, parents and staff alike.

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