Reasons to Install PPE Vending Machines throughout Australia


As of today, COVID 19 has crossed the 1 million mark worldwide. This pandemic has been spreading like wildfire globally and has led to major problems for employers and staff world wide. One occupational sector that has to face the brunt of this disastrous disease everyday is the medical sector. The front line workers like doctors, paramedics, medical contractors and more are the most susceptible to exposure. This is why there is a huge need to protect such a workforce by providing them the appropriate gear with ease. Moreover, since the coronavirus pandemic, great importance has been cast onto hygiene. In fact, there is a greater focus on getting every single person to adopt practices like washing hands and sanitising, wearing face masks n95 and in order to avoid further spread of the deadly virus. All of the above pointers have thus necessitated the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies in all commercial spaces.

One possible way in which PPE supplies can be provided to corporates, health staff, government offices, essential services and more is through PPE vending machines. These advanced pieces of equipment will allow convenient yet controlled dispensing of hygiene products including hand gloves, sanitisers, masks, gloves, wet wipes and such during these tough times. Moreover, these compact machines can be set up anywhere with ease.

Although, there are many more reasons to install PPE vending machines throughout the country. These are as follows:

Better Compliance

At a time like today, safety compliance is of much importance everywhere. Having a PPE vending machine in the premises prompts staff to use it. Since they don’t have to travel in order to purchase hygiene products, their time also remains unwasted. This ensures that necessary hygiene standards are met, leading to better safety in any commercial space, government department, amongst essential service workers and such. Therefore, PPE machines stimulate more compliance and are therefore the need of the hour.

Inventory Regulation

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an exponential increase in demand for hygiene supplies. Therefore, there is a greater chance that inventories in PPE vending machines will get exhausted quickly due to greater use. Fortunately, these machines are equipped with inventory control systems that send out notifications when the stock is running low, prompting the management to keep restoring the products as and when needed. These also help restrict the supply as per the demand, hence preventing wastage or oversupply during these dire times.

Usage Monitoring

PPE vending machines are operated using RFID smart card technology . Therefore employees can be given numbered cards that can be swiped for access to PPE supplies. These cards are registered in a data collecting software whenever they are swiped, thereby monitoring the quantity of products dispensed, name of the employee, time when dispensed and more. Such data enables monitoring of products and usage. This can be used to reduce wastage and can act as a detrimental factor for workers who indulge in overuse. Moreover, certain access controls can also be set in these high-tech machines that restrict certain products to a number of employees. For example, in hospitals, certain high quality masks can be restricted to frontline paramedics in order to ensure constant supply to them while others can be allowed to use cloth masks. This along with inventory control systems will prevent medical centres from running out of essential hygiene products.

More Productivity

Lack of proper safety equipment can lead to more sick days in commercial spaces. In medical and health facilities, it can lead to some of the best personnel and contractors getting affected. Either of these cases can cause a major loss in productivity. Furthermore, certain staff members may choose to avoid work due to unavailability of essential hygiene products. Installation of PPE vending machines can help avoid such situations, consequently boosting productivity. Besides, PPE vending machines will also act as add ons to employees, making them feel much more valued by placing major stress on their personal safety.

Enhanced Safety

As discussed earlier, having a PPE vending machine increases safety compliance at all places. This results in better safety at hospitals, essential service centres, government departments and more that need to remain fit in order to help the nation fight coronavirus. Therefore, PPE vending machines limit spread of the disease by reminding personnel to keep their personal hygiene in check. Additionally, since these allow cashless payments, they facilitate contactless use, therefore isolating the communicable viruses.

Time and Cost Saving

Due to the easy availability of hygiene products and other safety supplies through PPE vending machines, employees don’t have to venture out to purchase these from outside. This saves time and adds to overall productivity. In addition, due to property inventory control, products are only stored in machines as per demand. Thus, cost of wastage is also minimised. Additionally, those products that can be reused can be returned back into the machine. Through this, such vending machines lead to better time and cost saving.

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Reasons to Install PPE Vending Machines throughout Australia
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