Revolutionary Technology


Vending is Changing Forever

For many years, the vending and self-service retail industries have been searching for ways to enhance profitability and improve return on investment (ROI). That time has now come with the arrival of cutting edge technology that guarantees to improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs.

Smart Vending Machines is using state-of-the-art technology and its revolutionary software platform. It’s this relationship that has enabled Smart Vending Machines to deliver a complete range of intelligent vending solutions. This includes front end kiosks as well as Cloud-based vending at the back end which give you the ability to manage machines from afar, provided you have Internet access via computer or mobile device.

Forget the old coin slot cash drink machines. Our custom technology means a range of new capabilities can assist any industry from retail to hospitality, healthcare and medical, industrial, offices and schools, including:

  • Multimedia interactivity
  • Cash / cashless payment and identity-based validation
  • Digital signage
  • Video analytics
  • Telemetry
  • Cloud-based Remote manageability

Multimedia interactivity means a large and attractive display that not only draws attention, but appeals to more customers who, in turn, are likely to buy more from your machines.

You will now be able to accept cash and cashless payments from debit and credit cards, mobile devices and Internet payments. This kind of convenience opens the door to an entirely new customer base.

The touch screens also open the door to a range of advertising opportunities for vending operators. Take advantage of heavy traffic that would otherwise walk straight past your machine by introducing very targeted ads based on sales histories at specific vending machines.

Video analytics means machines can play and promote specific products to your engaged audience, based on key demographics such as age and gender. It can also suggest new items they may be interested in, based on what they just purchased.

Telemetry means, in short, faster ROI. Our advanced technology is able to provide remote accessibility to Smart Vending Machines and payment through the kiosk’s operation status, such as alerts when the machine is stuck, vandalised, out of stock and so on.

Inventory levels of stock can also be accessed remotely. This means the service and restocking can take place with unprecedented efficiency, by reducing labor and fuel costs.

Over the Internet, our revolutionary Cloud technology provides features for remote manageability of your intelligent vending machines and payment kiosks. Through regular software updates and the ability to manage content for digital signage, interactive screen content and themes can all be controlled remotely and securely for any number of Smart Vending Machines.

Revolutionary Technology
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