AI Smart Fridge RFID – Grab & Go Vending Machine

Everyone loves convenience. However, the busy schedule of a lot of individuals prevents them from queuing at the retail store to get food or drinks. Fortunately, the AI smart fridge vending machine provides an easy and convenient way for food and beverage retailers to make meals and drinks available to customers. The Grab & Go vending machine or food vending machine systems help improve the quick grab-and-go experience for consumers by offering added convenience.

At Smart Vending Machines, we specialize in providing custom smart vending machine solutions to businesses and brands across Australia. Through our RFID smart fridge systems, we make it easier for food and beverage retailers to expand their business and increase their reach. Also, the AI smart fridge is able to capture insights from real-time inventory data, allow self-checkout, and ultimately maximize quick grab-and-go meal experience for various customers. The food vending machine solution is suitable for YouFoodz Meals and My Muscle Chef Meals.

How Does AI Smart Fridge Work?

The state-of-the-art food vending machine system from Smart Vending Machines operates by identifying customers through their payment system, credit card, QR code, or mobile app. Once the vending machine confirms a customer’s identity, the Grab & Go vending machine’s door unlocks. With this, consumers are able to choose the food item they want.

On closing the RFID smart fridge door, the reader chip component of the Grab & Go vending machine performs an inventory check. The customer will be charged accordingly from the account linked to the cloud platform, depending on the item that was removed. Through the RFID label or tag attached to each item, the AI smart fridge is able to monitor movement across the system.


How Can the Grab & Go Vending Machine Help Retailers

Furthermore, the AI smart fridge can help retailers in several ways. These include:

Improve Operational Efficiency

The food vending machine comes with inventory management solutions that help food and beverage retailers to better understand demand and item consumption rates. Therefore, the RFID smart fridge can be stocked with food and drinks that are of high demand.

Allow Seamless Checkout

In addition, the RFID smart fridge charges customer’s credit card, QR code, or mobile app accordingly after choosing a product and closing the fridge door. Hence, enabling accurate and seamless customer billing or payment.

Increase Revenue

Also, the AI smart fridge features innovative inventory tracking, which makes it capable of predicting purchase trends. The system helps retailers identify the right locations to introduce new products to customers. Thereby increasing revenue and boosting sales.

Automated Consumption Data Analysis

For data analysis of consumption, business needs to hire qualified specialists and yet still sometimes face human errors. DeepBlue provides you with automatic consumption data analysis which will help you note the productivity, profitability, and energy efficiency which is of course highly beneficial for your business. This further assists in carrying out product assortments better and improvements in supplying operation support.

Expand Brand Reach to New Places

With the Grab & Go vending system, food and beverage retailers can expand to new locations with a minimal overhead cost. Thus, making it easier and cost-efficient to set up in new physical locations for online retailers and brick-and-mortar store looking to expand.

Monitor Expiry Dates

Lastly, the AI smart fridge can efficiently monitor the product’s expiry date and enable dynamic item-level pricing across the vending system.

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