Social Media Powdered Event Vending Machines Get Your Brands Noticed


Post It, or It didn’t Happen is the New Mantra of Social Networking Age

In the 21st century, social media posts have become a way to record our existence. Social media has greatly influenced the brands; it is believed that consumers are more likely to purchase the brand that engages with them on social media platforms.

The existence and extent of social media have given many brands an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with their potential clients by the integration of virtual and social existence.

And one such effective way to engage with your followers, and get noticed, is via social media powdered event vending machines.

How Can Brands Leverage the Event Vending Machine?

Here, we will see how the brands can leverage smart event vending machines to engage the users and promote their brand with two case studies:

1. The Old Navy Vending Machine

The Old Navy placed a Twitter-powered vending machine at various locations across Los Angeles and New York as a part of its annual flip-flop sale.
The users had to log into Twitter via a tablet that was attached to the vending machine and answer the questions that populated tweets. Once you sent the tweets, the machine detected the hashtags and dispensed the flip flops. This unique and smart event vending machine proved that you require elaborate gifts for the users to interact with the machine.

2. Vogue QR Code Vending Machine

The Vogue American Express Fashion Night’s Out welcomed the shoppers at Bourke Street Melbourne with an opportunity to win a plethora of exciting prizes. And these prizes included coveted rewards like discount vouchers, complimentary gifts and other interesting products that an average vending machine doesn’t dispense. The users were required to sign up to the Vogue newsletter to claim their unique OR code. They have rewarded the prize once they scanned their QR code. This activity created quite a buzz as it had engaged the potential customers as the vending machine made customer engagement more fun and interactive. Moreover, it helped Vogue reach new customers and make the brand strong.

Placing smart vending machines powered with new age technologies like social media helps you to increase your reach and brand awareness at a live event. This unique and smart form of social currency integrates virtual, social, and physical activities providing you with an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

If you are looking for innovative, technologically-advanced and social media-powered event vending machines, contact Smart Vending Machine today!

Social Media Powdered Event Vending Machines Get Your Brands Noticed
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