Statistics to Help Shape Your Vending Machine Offering

-Figures To Guide Your Inventory-

Vending machines these days are equipped with several features to allow business owners to know when to restock or when a scheduled or unexpected maintenance is due. However, getting an aerial view on customer demands and prevailing trends goes a long way in helping to multiply revenue and also for business expansion.

With the help of research done by Field Agent, we’ve listed down a few important statistics that we believe can help every vending machine owner, starting fresh or in the business since a long time:

  • It was found that nearly 57% of the patrons visiting a vending machine did so during the afternoon period. This is the time when the lunch that people had starts to wear off, and it’s time for a quick snack or a drink. Within this spectrum, sugary snacks and beverages seem to have a higher demand, with savoury snacks hovering about at 58%.
  • The rise of health conscious consumers is most certainly not a fad. These conscious decision makers are focused on eating and drinking right. Following the sugary beverages, water is seen to be the highest purchased (51%) product from vending machines.
  • One of the most common bottlenecks for patrons using vending machines is the form of payment. Nearly 41% state that they are usually unable to buy from a vending machine because they were not carrying cash. Newer machines cancel out this issue by offering card payments and other forms of cashless payment methods.
  • Coming back to the point of healthy eating. Over 58% of people are more inclined towards healthier snacks and a larger percentage of this group comprises of women.

We hope that these statistics are able to guide your vending venture to being a greater success. For more information, our communication lines are always open.

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