Vending Machines

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COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits Vending Machines

Plans are currently in place to install about 100 vending machines across 56 locations, including private hospitals and companies in Singapore, for dispensing antigen rapid test (ART) kits. Individuals who received a COVID-19 health risk alert from the Ministry of Health are able to collect ART kits from the vending machine locations. A health risk warning […]


Vending Machines Brisbane

At Smart Vending Machines, we provide and supply custom smart vending machine systems clients across Brisbane and nearby cities. Our vending machines Brisbane can stock and vend different food items and other products, including snacks, food, beverages, drinks, office equipment, personal hygiene items, and more. We have different vending machine systems that can serve your […]


Robot Vending Machine Australia

Just like the soda-mixing freestyle machines that were developed a few years ago, Smart Vending Machines is introducing robot vending machine systems. These vending machines are capable of creating custom mixtures of cereals and toppings, including nuts and fresh fruits. Our new robot vending machine Australia at Smart Vending Machines can deliver the perfect breakfast bowl […]

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