The Need for Peripherals & Industrial Supplies Vending Machines


Improving Efficiency In Areas Of Supply Inventory

The days of vending machines being restricted to the odd snacks and beverages are long gone. Not only is the offering of snacks and drinks being modified to a great extent, vending machines are now capable of dispensing several vital items. Items such as portable electronics, stationery items and many other items that may be required in the respective location.

Unique Payment Methods:

Since we are talking about industrial supplies and IT peripherals, such items are generally required in closed office spaces or warehouses. Therefore, employees can make payments through various means such as designated magnetic strips, ID cards, PIN codes or even barcodes.

This makes the process of financing for the respective departments a lot more easier and streamlined. Furthermore, it provides absolute convenience to employees.


  • Items are delivered with 100% accuracy. Unlike previous vending issues such as items being stuck, the newer machines rely on far more effective systems of extracting the product from its aisle and delivering it to the delivery hatchet.
  • Upper management is able to control which employees have access to which type of products. Further fine tuning of such preferences can be done with ease.
  • Employees do not need to wait in line at the administration desk or get out to buy important supplies. This saves them time, and improves overall productivity.
  • All dispensing activities are monitored at all times and can be controlled remotely through a web portal.
  • In the event of requiring repairs for certain appliances, this reduces the time taken to deliver the product and to be received by the maintenance crew. These vending machines are also designed in sizes that allow for storage compartments for larger appliances such as printers. Once these printers have been left in the compartment for repair, the maintenance crew is immediately and automatically informed about this.
  • Having such vending machines reduces overall cost to organisation that would be spent on staffing, time allocation and resource allocation. This helps to compile various everyday tasks into one small space of the office.

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The Need for Peripherals & Industrial Supplies Vending Machines
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