Top Technologies that Makes a Vending Machine Smarter!


Like everything else in this technology-driven world, vending machines are also evolving. They are getting smarter and more interactive.

The vending machines have undergone massive upgrades since its official debut in the 1880s. They are no longer used just as a convenient and low-cost vehicle that shrinks an entire store into a refrigerator-sized money-minting machine.

Smart and AI Driven Vending Machines are Here!

According to new research by Global Market Insights, the market size of intelligent vending machines will exceed US$ 30 billion by 2024. Some of the innovative trends like robotics, AI and machine learning are transforming the face of the vending industry and setting the bar high!

Here, we bring you some of the latest AI trends that are transforming vending experiences.

1. Effortless Cashless Payments

Though this seems like a distinct and futuristic concept; the emergence of cashless payment options might make plastic cards, cheque books and cash disappear soon!

Therefore, to keep pace with the evolving mobile and cashless payment technologies, some modern-day vending machines are equipped with a standard option of cashless payment. These new payment technologies offer users a faster and easier method of payment, thus enhancing vending experiences.

2. IoT and AI Driven Vending Machines

Internet of Things and AI has taken the vending experience to the next level. Apart from the cashless payment option, many vending machines can now interact with the smartphone in real time. For example, when you walk to an AI-driven vending machine, your mobile app can determine which machine it is and starts to pull up a real-time inventory displaying the options on your screen.

Recently, the beverage giant Coca-Cola has announced its plan to come with new apps in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S to make the vending machine more intelligent and enhance the consumer experience.

3. Energy Efficient Vending Solutions

The recent innovations in vending machines and device management application have enabled the vendor to detect, diagnose and even repair the machines remotely.

For example, The beverage giant Coca-Cola installed an ultra saving vending machine in Japan that uses airtight doors and vacuum – insulated materials to keep the beverages cold without any refrigeration. Such intelligent vending solution reduces energy bills and even help to save the planet. Moreover, such innovation and advanced platforms offer unlimited opportunities for the vending industry to optimise profitability and productivity.

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Top Technologies that Makes a Vending Machine Smarter!
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