Touch Screen Vending- The Future of Retail


What else can your vending machine do?

Hiring professionals to do market research or to present your product to the wider public requires a lot of capital, training and is subject to many kind of indiscrepancies. However, these are some of the most important parts of the retail process.

Vending machines are taking retail to a whole new level. We can agree on the fact that vending machines are no more restricted to candies, snacks and beverages. These machines are now capable of dispensing nearly anything from a hot and freshly prepared meal, to IT peripherals. And it is done with utmost precision due to the absence of the human element. Furthermore, the new touch screen vending machines are capable of doing so much more than just make transactions.

Here are a handful of advantages to get everyone excited:

  • It’s like a large smartphone: People of nearly all ages have adapted to smart phones. When we say “nearly” we mainly refer to the elder generation, because we all know how quickly children today can figure out technology. A touch screen vending machine is pretty much like a large smartphone in terms of user functionality. Since it provides far lesser features, it is easier to comprehend and use. The larger screen of the vending machine attracts people of all ages out of curiosity, even if not with the intention to buy something. This is usually considered a great start because people are now aware of the machine and might even talk about it to their friends.
  • Information display: The large screen enables a lot more information to be displayed and successfully delivered to the right audience. Buyers can select products, view related information, make the payment and even be informed about new products all through the same screen. Furthermore, these machines also feature vivid animations and interactive games for those more quieter times of the day.
  • Keeping a tab: Keeping a tab on your stock and machine safety has never been easier. With touch screen vending machines, you will constantly be able to monitor stock levels and keep an eye out for vandals who might seek to damage your machine.

If you’d like to know more about Touch Screen Vending, do not hesitate to give us a quick call.

Touch Screen Vending- The Future of Retail
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