Custom Vending Machines

Customising Vending Machines Limited Only by Imagination

No matter what type of industry you are a part of, Smart Vending Machines is here to help you find a vending machine solution that’s perfect for you. In fact we are all about delivering the best custom solution for you and your industry every time.

Smart Vending Machines have the capacity to hone in a very specific niche market or we can design something with unquestionable universal appeal.
We can help you to execute a very specific goal that will see you build revenue, provide a home for your unique product and vend products with unquestionable convenience.

We can customise your machine for outward presentation such as screen graphics or we can change its very core functionality. It is you who will decide, ultimately, what your machine will do and look like but we will be there with you every step of the way.

Any Business can Benefit from Custom Vending Machines

The only limits you face with custom vending machines revolve around your imagination and we can help an endless array of businesses with ideas for functionality and manufacture.

All Smart Vending Machines can be configured to hold anything and dispense any products. This could include the following: T-shirts & apparel | Electronics | Medicines | Aftershave & Perfume | Toys | Games | Beauty products | Cosmetics | Sunglasses | Watches & accessories | Video games & DVDs | Footware & socks| Mobile phones, mobile prepaid plans & accessories | Ink cartridges and more.

Retailers can sell 24/7 without the need for staff. For example, those who have sensitive and potentially dangerous products in a medical environment or those that have machines containing other precious materials, can rest assured that their products are safe and secure.

As you know vending machines are standard in offices, schools and universities all over the country. We’re ready to help you take their experience to a different level altogether, with Smart Vending Machines.

Why smart Vending Machines?

Smart Vending Machines is not part of the crowd. We take what we do seriously and we know you do too. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, owners of our machines can manage products with an unprecedented control and convenience.

Because our Cloud software system is online, users can access all of their machine data from any Internet platform including phones and tablets. This means you can track your inventory and control stock and multiple machines in a way you simply could not before.

Smart Vending Machines wants to work with you to build your business and revenue by creating vending machine solutions that are just right for your market as well as solving security issues and inventory shrinkage. We can even customise how your machine looks.

Custom Vending Machines
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