Designing a Showstopping Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machines is there to help with your design from beginning to end. We’ll establish what machine is the right fit for you and ensure your machine has the right look and feel for your brand.

We’ll assist you in determining which machine fits caters to all your design and detail requirements. Whether you need a single machine or an entire fleet, we fully customize your machine to spec. This is a tremendous opportunity to set you apart from the noise.


Product Packaging

Smart Vending Machines will also aid you in understanding the best method for packaging your individual product within the machine. This is what buyers will see so we want to get it right. Products need to be attractive and durable enough to last the distance. For this reason, we have a range packaging and branding methods available.

Appropriately pre-packaged items can dispense from our machines without any to adjust, for example – batteries, DVDs, pens, pencils and key chains. Other items may need repackaging, for example t-shirts or caps to ensure they’re dispensed well from our machines.


Aesthetic & Design

Aesthetics can play a critical role in your business success. Effective branding can mean the difference between a customer walking straight past a machine or stopping to have a peek inside. This is where your company can really come into it’s own creatively.

While machines are all about sales, they’re also invaluable marketing and advertising tools. Smart Vending Machines will generally have three or four sides for graphic branding, depending on where you place your machine.

The visible sides offer perfect advertising space for your company’s logo, colors, messages, web address, phone number, physical address and product images. You may be a confident designer yourself or use our creative department to work with you for a great result.

Touch Screen Display

Smart Vending Machines offers state of the art touch screens to enhance your customer’s experience. Our user-friendly operation gives customers the opportunity to browse products in the same way they would on the web. The screens range from 7” to 46” in size and come with “storyboard” software that allows for customisation for your brand, color-scheme and products. All we need from you is high-resolution logos, product images and descriptions.

Videos & Advertisements

Once they’re standing in front of your machine, you’ve got a uniquely focused audience. Take advantage of this by playing advertisements. It’s been suggested that the longer a customer stands in front of a machine, the more likely they are to buy. Keep them there longer with videos, advertisements and still images. Take your pick. It’s all up to you.
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