Free Samples Vending Machine

Vending machines have become quite an integral and familiar part of our daily lives. From snacks to drinks, vending machines dispense personal items as well. Now with latest innovative technology, you could get anything from vending machine even a cup of coffee!

Vending machines sure have come a long way and now you could also pay by card rather than turning your purse/wallet upside doing to find coins. With the increasing demand of ease and comfort has grown and manufacturers like Smart Vending Machines have a whole range of vending machines to cater your retail business needs.

Custom Vending Machine:

If you have any certain idea to have your vending machine to be customized, we have custom vending machine for you. Whether you want your vending machine to play a classy old country song or greet your customers using sensors our custom vending machine shall make your idea real. Our vending machines work well for ATM, directory & finding way, photo booth, interactive catalogue and photo booth.

Coupon Vending Machine:

For any new product or service that your business would like to promote, with our coupon vending machine you could take your promotions to and exciting new level. Smart Vending Machines is known to ease the users and benefit the business owners. The process being user-friendly, the consumers first need to push a button for coupon request. After that, the coupon vending machine shall print coupon with the promotion product and promotion date. Consumers can use these coupons as money to pay and get coupons redeemed.

Sampling and Social Media Vending Machine:

An apt sampling vending machine, this is an interesting and innovative approach that suits to tech-times of today. Our social media vending machine is a unique concept of sampling vending machine which gets you a free sample using social media. The consumers are required to login and share a picture or text on their social media. The machine then verifies if consumers have already shared on social media and upon confirmation the consumers get a free sample.

Sampling and Experience Machine:

Based on fun experiences of consumers, this sampling vending machine of Smart Vending Machines could get you a free sample! The process is simple. The consumers shall be asked to do something like play an easy game, answer a question or show a smile and the machine validates if consumers have finished the task already. After validation, get your free sample!

Sampling + Database Machine:

The kind of sampling vending machine that is offered by Smart Vending Machines, the traditional method sampling has certainly gotten a makeover. Consumers need to text the phone number printed on the machine. Then the machines request the customers to put in the last 3 digits of their phone number and when the numbers match, the free sample is given.

No matter what your business is Smart Vending Machines have a vending solution that is just right for your business in Australia.

Our vending solutions are innovative, latest and shall boost your ROI right up the charts. What’s more? With our incredibly intelligent software and Cloud technology, Smart Vending Machines can be accessed, managed and monitored remotely too.

Contact now and get your Retail business a profitable makeover!

Free Samples Vending Machine
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