What A Customer Views As Issues In Vending Machines

The sole purpose of this article is to provide vending machine business owners an inside perspective on how customers view certain aspects of a vending machine business. These aspects can range from the variety of products available, pricing, location and much more.
Once aware of these aspects or shortcomings as viewed by the customers, business owners can make necessary adjustments in their product offering or technology.

We will take a look at some of the aspects in this article:

  • Pricing: It is a standing fact that vending machine offer products for a slight hike as compared to your local supermarket or convenience store. This slight markup is not massive but is certainly visible. Therefore, vending machine business owners need to account for other advantages that they can provide through their vending machines. For instance, they can offer a more exclusive variety of products, and offer a newer variation of the same product that may be hard to find in conventional stores.
  • Payments: We are quite certain that most of the vending machines out there have been equipped with a card reader (EFTPOS) payment facility. However, for those yet to adopt this should know that this is high time for people to stop carrying cash with them. So to capitalise on the market, alternate forms of payment must be accepted.
  • The Healthy Buyer Approaching: Australia has a fairly large and rapidly growing customer base of health conscious buyers. With the advent of multiple food related illnesses, keeping an eye out on the healthy snacks and beverages can benefit the business owner greatly.
  • Location: While it might make a lot of sense to locate your machines at a train station or a bus depot, it should be duly noted that offices, schools and hospitals could possibly few of the biggest money makers for vending machines. Location is crucial in this industry because if your customers can’t see your machine, you won’t be making any sales.

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What A Customer Views As Issues In Vending Machines
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