WHO Face Mask Recommendations Will Increase Demand for Face Mask Vending Machines in Public Spaces

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According to recent expert recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), everyone visiting a public space is advised to put on face masks or coverings. Initially, WHO argued that it wasn’t necessary for healthy people to wear face masks. Conversely, recent developments have shown that face masks could act as a barrier for potentially infectious droplets. Thus, preventing the continuous spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In light of emerging evidence, the WHO advises that governments should make it compulsory for the general public to wear face masks in communities that are witnessing widespread transmission of COVID-19, and social distancing is not practicable. Such places may include shops, supermarkets, malls, on public transport, train stations, as well as other crowded environments,”; said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO.

Demand For Face Mask Vending Machines Is Expected to Increase

With the new face mask recommendations from the World Health Organization, it is expected that the demand for face masks will rise in various cities. Fortunately, face mask vending machines offer an effective way to meet these demands. Manufactured by Smart Vending Machines, our contactless face mask vending machines are designed to make face masks easily accessible and readily available to the general public.

Furthermore, we have custom vending machine solutions that are fully automated. In addition to dispensing face masks, our contactless face mask vending machine can also dispense other personal hygiene products, such as disposable gloves, anti-bacterial tissues, hand sanitizers, PPE & safety supplies.

Also, the face mask vending machine can be placed at the office or public places such as the supermarket, schools, public parks, railway stations, hospitals, police stations, workshops, factories, malls, and so forth. These custom vending machines will offer an easier and safer way for people to get face masks and protect themselves when visiting public spaces.

WHO’s Advice on Face Masks

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s a technical lead expert on COVID-19, has advised the general public to put on fabric masks when visiting public spaces. These fabric masks are non-medical masks. The ones that are highly effective often include up to three layers of different materials. Likewise, senior citizens, as well as individuals with underlying health conditions, are advised to wear medical masks in communities that are experiencing widespread transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it is important to note that wearing face masks is just one of the ways to potentially limit the risk of coronavirus transmission. If it is not feasible to observe social distancing, ensure that you put on a face mask.

Quality Face Mask Vending Machine from Smart Vending Machines Australia

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WHO Face Mask Recommendations Will Increase Demand for Face Mask Vending Machines in Public Spaces
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