AI Grab & Go

The Ultimate AI Vending Machine Solution Designed Specifically To Stand Out

Smart Grab & Go is an innovative IOT self-checkout solution designed for retail businesses all over the world. Powered by AI and other innovative technologies, Smart Grab & Go is an up-to-date replacement for the customary vending experiences. This retail vending machine solution leverages on artificial intelligence at the point-of-sale. The machine features sophisticated technologies that take the POS experience to an entirely new level in the Google and Amazon world.

Exquisite and Fascinating Design

In addition, Smart Grab & Go’s features an exquisite and fascinating design. The vending machine comes with a sleek back- and front-facing displays. It also features directional audio, thus, making her a perfect solution to the 21st century retail challenges.
The AI capabilities of the Smart Grab & Go makes it possible to understand the habits, preferences, and inquiries of customers. The machine is suitable for any business environment.

Auto-Retail Solutions

Furthermore, traditional vending solutions usually face a lot of challenges. Often times, businesses have deal with security issues and complex inventory systems. There are also the problems of managing transactions as well as payment systems. Smart Grab & Go has helped to offer an ultimate solution to any of these challenges.

Smart Grab & Go features auto-retail solutions to help streamline and eliminate any of these challenges encountered by traditional vending solutions. The AI-powered vending machine combines artificial intelligence with onboard hardware (Screen, Thumbscan, and NFC) and dedicated software system. All these function together as a single unit to effectively manage each and every one of your administrative needs.


Artificial Intelligence

Smart Grab & Go’s artificial intelligence offers you the opportunity to:
  • Know your customers, learns their shopping habits, and save their preferences.
  • Humanized chat experience for FAQs and product questions
  • Targeted sales, ad campaigns, and promotions

Advanced Loss Prevention

  • Customers pay before door opens
  • All customer events are captured by photo and video
  • Control Smart Grab & Go access and permissions
  • IntelliShelf® – Advanced inventory technology


  • Select the best products for your customers
    • Hot/cold food
    • Drinks
    • Electronics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Clothing, jewelry / accessories,
    • Home goods
    • Cosmetics, etc.
  • Customize layout with advanced planograms
    • Adjust height and width, product quantity and types
  • Choose and design your own lighting effects
  • Include your advertising and promotional audio and videos
  • Control the audios and videos are displayed
  • Exterior customization, including color and brand identity
  • Assign specific spaces to different products or vendors

Payment and Access

  • Advanced biometrics including thumb and iris scan
  • Everyday Payment Methods
    • Android Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Credit Card
    • Key Code
    • NFC and Native App

Inventory and Analytics

  • Web-based admin portal provides access to:
    • Smart Grab & Go Setup
    • Product Analytics and business dashboard
    • Real-time inventory controls
    • Customer data and tracking analytics
    • Advanced planogram
    • Audio visual controls
    • General reporting
    • Customization controls and settings
    • Payment options and integration

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