Micro Market

Are micro markets actually the real deal?

With the rising trends of increased productivity and demand being met due to that high productivity, micro markets are highly preferred. These are basically known as convenience stores. Here the employees or students in schools, hospitals or other places are served with freshly made food. This is unlike vending machines where you get food or drinks to go. While freshly made food itself is quite the advantage because it’s healthy food, but there are so many other plus points as well.

The trend

Micro markets in Melbourne and micro markets in Sydney are also rapidly trending. The difference with the micro market is that unlike usual vending machines it runs on the honor system. So you basically have to pay yourselves without an employee or cashier present via your phones, cash or cards.

Finally, get healthy food at work and at school!

This is also a great idea because we often do not have proper healthy food to have while we are on work or at school. So it’s a great thing to have healthy food options. The industry is facing rapid growth, even the micro markets in Melbourne and Sydney so there is no possible sign seen of these going away. We come across the question of why to choose micro markets over vending machines. There are many compelling reasons to support this argument.

Price plus point

One of these is that studies show that by the year 2022, these will generate about $1.6 billion worth of revenue and provide many other benefits over the traditional vending machine. The figures calculated by studies and researches are mostly dependent on the location. Although, it is important to note that micro markets attract more visitors compared vending machines and in turn produces more sales as well.

Sophisticated software run management

Other than this, the inventory management is usually web-based so there is very less chance of human error. That too is much more decreased due to the sophisticated software available nowadays. This greatly helps in keeping the inventory up to date.

Maintenance is not an issue

The maintenance and downtime of machines are much easier. In addition to this, the transactions of multiple items are also done with ease. It provides a great customer experience which in turn raises the demand even more.

It makes everything easy.

If the components fitting into the location is a problem, then there is no more worrying. This is because these can be customized to fit in any desired location making this another major selling point. Pricing flexibility with these is also available. This gives the operator a chance to collect sales tax. This particular flexibility is not available with vending machines.

Bottom line – a great choice.

A downside to this which a lot of people might consider is that the prices of these are a little higher than that of the vending machine. So you will be getting expensive food. But the solution to this is that many employers provide their employees with cards which can get them these in subsidized prices. So you have to pay a little price for such an amazing convenience. You get healthy food with ease and this concept was very much alien some time ago.

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