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A larger percentage of people in Australia do not work from home; they leave their homes every day. While some leave for work, others would leave for school or other business purposes. Many people who are away from home would consume whatever food is available as long as it satisfies their hunger.

However, many food options outside are not 100℅ healthy to eat on a daily basis; in fact, consuming them, in the long run, can affect your health. Consequently, many businesses are adopting Micro Markets to provide healthy refreshments solutions for their employees and customers. Smart Vending Machines is here to serve you if you need a reliable Micro Market in your business area.


Smart Vending Machines is a top provider of excellent Micro Market vending services across different cities in Australia. We will help you install a Micro Market convenience store at your workplace or any other location of your choice. With Smart Vending Machines, you can get customized automated Micro Markets, plus our professional team would ensure your Micro Market is well serviced and maintained.


Advantages of Micro Markets

Here are some advantages of Micro Markets

Wide Range of Food
Micro Market offers a wide range of nutritious and healthy food, beverage, and drink options for consumers outside their homes. You also get the choice of taking cold or warm drinks, fresh food, fruits, and veggies. As employees’ needs differ, Micro Markets attend to their diverse needs.

Healthy Food, Beverage, and Drinks
If you’ve been limited to unhealthy food outside your home, you’d probably understand the need for Micro Markets. Students and Employees can suffer several health conditions which arise from consuming unhealthy food at their schools and workplaces daily. Studies reveal a relationship between obesity and unhealthy meals. It’s vital to know that students with poor health conditions can experience a decline in academic performance while it can affect an employee’s productivity at the workplace.

Convenience and Sophisticated Payment Systems
Micro Markets offers self-service through automated software. It’s convenient to use as you wouldn’t need to queue up before you can make payments. You merely scan your payment card to pay, and that’s all. Besides, you can set up a Micro Market at your workplace so employees can quickly grab some quick meals during short breaks.

Gives an Aesthetic Appeal
Micro Markets can transform the boring look of a workplace into a more intriguing place. It has beautifully decorated shelves for food items to be displayed on and classy countertops to give it an attractive appeal.

Great Option for Diet Conscious People
Diet-conscious people usually have limited food options when they are out of their homes. Some are left with bringing their lunch from home while others may have to travel far before to can get healthy food to eat. Micro Markets Vending System makes it easier for them to access healthy food without much hassle.

Contact Smart Vending Machines to Install Micro Market at Your Chosen Location

At Smart Vending Machines, we have a professional team who cares about your health and are ready to meet your Micro Markets’ needs. We have excellent customer service to help you organize your Unmanned convenience store and provide suggestions if you need the best location to install your Micro Market. We are committed to providing smooth, reliable service to business owners across different parts of Australia. Contact us now to request a quote!

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