Smart Vending machines gives your customer the convenience of finding products where they are. Automated retail stores marry the ease of ecommerce with the satisfaction of shopping in-store. The simplicity of vending outlets allow you to expand your brand recognition without the overheads associated with traditional physical expansion. Our machines are technologically superior and are changing the way people purchase remotely.
Smart Vending Machines are engineered using revolutionary laser technology that makes sure the product you ordered is efficiently disbursed. Our technology is designed to charge the credit card only once the item is dispensed, so if it’s not delivered then it’s not charged.

Product returns work the same way that online ordering does. Each of our Smart Vending Machines displays the merchant’s contact details so you can contact them easily and directly. Our state-of-the-art technology means that once you have made contact, you can return the item.

Yes. When an item is ordered through a touch screen machine, a receipt will be printed when the item has been dispensed. Our more advanced machines can either email or print a receipt using the inbuilt thermal printer.
There is really no limit to what can be sold through our Smart Vending Machines. Our merchants range from sandals to sunglasses, games to gloves and anything in between.

When it comes to payment, our Smart Vending Machines offer great flexibility. Aside from credit cards, our machines can accept Amazon, Google checkout, debit card, gift cards, loyalty cards, student cards, corporate cards, RFID and phone payments.

We wouldn’t expect every vending machine to sell the same items so it stands to reason that we wouldn’t expect them to all look the same. Our machines are highly customisable so that they can reflect the look and style of your brand. Our innovative software means that we can advertise your brand on the touchscreen.
Our real-time sales management software means that you can track sales through a dedicated web platform. Your unique login grants you remote access to monitor real time sales, change pricing, view reports, set stock alerts, and create picking lists. All of this information is available at your fingertips, 24/7.
Your content is managed through our state-of-the-art web platform. It’s as simple as logging in with your unique store details and uploading images, videos and product descriptions directly to your Smart Vending Machine. Our simple interface means that you simply drag and drop. No coding or HTML is needed.
Our network of merchandising and nationwide product fulfillment services means we can assist with your restocking.

As industry experts, we know a good home when we see one. We’ll do our best to help you find the best home for your machine.

For a machine with so many features, it’s surprisingly simple. Most of our Smart Machines run on a standard power outlet and an Internet connection. The connection can either be hard wired or wireless.
Our Smart Vending technology means that we can easily diagnose a problem with your machine.
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