Office Vending Machines: Much More than Chocolates & Soft Drink

When we think of an office vending machine, the first thing that generally comes to mind is chocolate and soft drinks. But not anymore.


Smart Vending Machines can change all that. We can now help you to craft a customised machine that’ll let you vend anything from pens to keyboards, sticky notes and flash drives. This saves you and your employees a trip to an office supply store by having everything there on hand.

Software Ideal For Your Office Vending Machine

It’s been estimated that advanced software solutions have the potential to drop shrinkage by 25 per cent or more. That’s because Smart Vending Machines can be programmed to require employer ID and PIN numbers.

This means sales can be authorised and reported and the risk of human error and theft dramatically reduced. Both managers and general staff alike can benefit from this system. Supervisors can utilise an easy inventory tracking system while an employee can replace a broken keyboard in minutes with their ID card.

Office Vending Machine: Save Office Time & Money

In some cases, replacing a broken product such as a mouse, a keyboard or an Ethernet cable can take days while staff fill out forms and jump through hoops.

As an owner of one of our customised office vending machines, that annoying delay is eliminated. Having a swipe card identification system provides you with instantaneous accountability, saving you money and shrinkage in both the long and short term.

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