Contactless Gloves and Hand Wipes Vending Machine

Contactless Gloves and Hand Wipes Vending Machine

Keeping yourself and loved ones safe during this coronavirus pandemic period is essential. The World Health Organization and medical professionals have recommended wearing hand gloves, face masks, and using hand wipes. Using a hand glove or hand wipe may protect you from contracting the viral infection.

In order to make these hand gloves and hand wipes available at everyone’s fingertips, Smart Vending Machines developed the contactless vending machine and hand gloves vending machine. This hand gloves vending machine can dispense hand gloves, hand wipes, and other personal hygiene products, including hand sanitizer, face masks, anti-bacterial tissues, and so forth.

About Our Contactless Hand Gloves Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machines is a reputable vending machine service provider based in Melbourne, Australia. Our company specializes in building custom smart software vending machine solutions for businesses and offices in different cities across Australia. Our hand gloves vending machine was developed to make it easier and safer for every individual to have access to hand gloves and other personal hygiene products.

Furthermore, the contactless vending machine is able to dispense hand wipes, hand gloves, and more, without any need to touch the machine. This will help curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Likewise, the vending machine can dispense personal hygiene products, including anti-bacterial tissues, hand sanitizers, face masks, and so forth. With these, you can protect yourself and remain safe anytime you are outdoors or in public spaces.

The hand wipes vending machine from Smart Vending Machines remains a practical solution for businesses in Melbourne and other cities across Australia. You can set up this contactless vending machine at offices as well as other public places such as parks, educational institutions, police stations, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, railway stations, factories, and more.

How the Hand Wipes Vending Machine Work

The hand wipes vending machine has been developed to be fully automated. This contactless vending machine provides a very easy and safe way of maintaining basic personal hygiene and provide adequate protection for yourself against COVID-19 as well as other viral infections.

What’s more, the vending machine can be activated using your credit card, mobile device, email link, QR code, or staff RFID card. Also, we can build the vending machine to use other custom requirements. With the hand wipes vending machine, you can now have easy, round-the-clock access to hand wipes, hand gloves, and other personal hygiene products.

Choose Us for Quality Hand Gloves Vending Machine

Do you need a quality contactless vending machine for your office or business? If yes, then call Smart Vending Machines as soon as possible. We are an industry leader in building custom smart software vending machines for Australian businesses and brands. We aim to ensure that your employees and customers get the adequate protection they need during this coronavirus pandemic.

Also, we offer highly affordable, reliable, and prompt services. We can provide your business with custom vending machine solutions to meet your budget and unique needs. We serve residents and businesses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Darwin, Australia. You are guaranteed to get quality products and outstanding services. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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