How Singapore is Utilizing Technology and Vending Machines


The coronavirus pandemic has turned the attention of several companies and businesses across the world to more pressing things. In order to keep the citizens and residents safe, businesses are now making efforts to distribute personal hygiene products to everyone. Razer, a gaming accessories company in Singapore, intends to distribute about five million face masks to every resident of Singapore. With this, individuals can stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the company plans to install up to twenty face mask vending machines & PPE vending machines in various co-working spaces, malls, and supermarkets across Singapore’s business district. Once lockdown restrictions are eased on June 1st, residents and citizens of Singapore will be able to claim their free, single-use face mask by scanning a QR code assigned through Razer Pay (Razer’s mobile wallet app). With this initiative, Singaporeans can have easy access to face masks as well as other personal hygiene products.

On April 14th, wearing a mask while in public was made compulsory in the country. In fact, all residents have been supplied with face masks by the Singaporean government. Also, face mask vending machines and PPE vending machines will be used to issue reusable cloth masks in another round of mask distribution. With all these efforts, the Singaporean government and companies utilizing technology and vending machines to distribute face masks and personal hygiene products. Thus, keeping citizens and residents safe.

How Australia is Utilizing Technology TO Fight COVID-19

What’s more, Singapore is not the only country using technology and vending machines to combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Australia currently has a COVIDSafe app that could be integrated into a smart vending machine solution and implement a similar program. The COVIDSafe app was designed to make it easier and quicker to contact people that are exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). Thus, helping healthy workers and the Australian government support and protect citizens and residents.

COVIDSafe App and Face Mask Vending Machine

As mentioned earlier, the COVIDSafe app could be integrated into a smart vending machine solution. Such vending machines, like face mask vending machine or PPE vending machine, will be used to distribute face masks, and other personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, antibacterial tissue, disposable gloves, and more, to anyone that is exposed to coronavirus (or exhibiting symptoms of the viral infection). Through this, all citizens and residents of Australia will now have easy access to personal hygiene items requires to keep themselves safe, especially when in public.

Quality PPE Vending Machines from Smart Vending Machines Australia

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How Singapore is Utilizing Technology and Vending Machines
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