Kylie Cosmetics Vending Machine: Vending Machines Used for Selling Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Jenner is not a stranger to the makeup world. She is expanding her Kylie Cosmetics brand by selling her products using brand new vending machines.

Over the years, Kylie Cosmetics has become a household name in the world of makeup. Kylie Cosmetics brand is now expanding into airports through Kylie Cosmetics vending machines. This is something that will get fans of Kylie Jenner as well as users of her cosmetic products excited.

Kylie Jenner broke the news on her Instagram page with a post showing off the brand new Kylie Jenner vending machines packed with her products, along with a caption that revealed all the details.

In her post about the brand new vending machines, Jenner said, “This makes me so happy.” Naturally, it makes her fans really excited, as well. Several people commented on Jenner’s post leaving various messages such “This is so sick!!!!”, “That’s why you’re a billionaire this is so exciting!!!!”, “Guess who’s flying into Vegas next month.”

Where is the Kylie Jenner Vending Machine Located?

The first official Kylie Cosmetics vending machines can be found at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The vending machines are located at terminals D and E, to be precise. Jenner mentioned that the vending is near the D17 and E9 gates.

How Can You Identify the Kylie Cosmetics Vending Machine?

As a matter of fact, the Kylie Jenner vending machines are hard to miss. The vending machines feature a mural-size photo of Jenner on the side of the vending machine. Also, you will find the Kylie Cosmetics logo written in block letters. This can be seen from a mile away.

What Can You Purchase From the Kylie Jenner Vending Machine?

The vending machines are packed with lots of products from the Kylie Cosmetics brand. You can buy the Kylie’s signature Lip Kits in practically all the available shade. Also, her fans can purchase special items such as the Bronze Extended Eye Shadow Palette and the You’re So Money Baby Eye Shadow Palette. These products are classic fans’ favorites.

Will the Kylie Cosmetics Vending Machine Extend to Other Airports?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete information about whether Kylie Cosmetics will expand the launch of the vending machine to other airports. However, we will keep our fingers crossed and watch as the situation unfolds.

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Kylie Cosmetics Vending Machine: Vending Machines Used for Selling Kylie Cosmetics
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