Reverse the Plastic Apocalypse with Vending Machines


It’s hard, but let’s bite the bullet – the plastic apocalypse is here! Every year tons of plastic waste is generated across the world. According to an estimate by WWF (Wildlife and Environment Conversation), Aussies use 130kg plastic per person, out of which only 12% is recycled. The remaining 88% of plastic waste ends up either on the landfills or finds its way into the ocean.

The best part about any problem is that it always has a solution; we just need to explore and discover it! With advancing technology, today there are numerous innovative solutions (though in its infancy) to deal with the plastic problem; the impending plastic catastrophe can be reversed with vending machines!

A Modern Solution for the Modern Problem

In recent years, thanks to technological advancements, the vending machines have evolved greatly. Apart from its conventional role of vending out snacks, drinks or some sugary treats, the new-age machines have a bigger role to play!

Reverse Vending Machine – The Ultimate Recycling Machine

Recycling is the key to effectively fight the plastic menace. The reverse vending machine is a revolutionary step towards making our planet plastic-free. The smarter, improved and innovative version of the blue box, this vending machine comes with a sustainability twist. You can deposit unused plastic or glass bottles and soda cans in the vending machine. These automated machines collect and sort the used containers and in return dispense incentives. The incentives include everything right from cash to gift vouchers to store credits.

An incredibly popular option in countries like Norway, China and the USA, these machines are slowly and steadily making their way in the Australian markets. A great initiative, the reverse vending machine plays a significant role in cutting down the plastic pollution.

RVMs encourage recycling the plastic containers, rather than discarding it haphazardly. Consequently, it reduces landfills, ocean contamination, minimises greenhouse emissions and also limits the use of virgin materials to produce new products.

The Three Major Benefits of Reverse Vending Machine

  1. A Great Business Model
  • Reverse vending machines offer proven solutions to keep the plastic waste off the landfills, reducing the need for any expensive waste management programs.
  • Contributes to labour savings by automating manual jobs.
  • Increases the logistics savings as the materials are compacted, which reduces the storage requirements in the stores or on the trucks.
  1. Good for the Environment
  • Increases the value of the material, along with maintaining its properties, since the containers are sorted by material.
  • Material fractions are kept so clean, that it can be easily recycled into new containers. This eventually closes the material loop, avoiding material downgrading.
  • Reduces transportation as the material is compacted and sorted by machine. It optimises the transportation capacity and avoids transport movements.
  1. Convenient and Interactive – An easy recycling option, these machines can be placed inside any premises – be a grocery store, corporate office or a marketing event.
  • It makes recycling convenient as it’s fast and clean. Besides, instant incentives motivate repeated use.
  •  Monetisation opportunities by using the RVS as a tool for sales promotions, CSR activities and branding.


Plastic has virtually become omnipresent, which is posing a serious threat to the planet. However, with reverse vending machines, the nearly invincible plastic can be recycled and reused, limiting its production. Consequently, reversing the damage and making the earth plastic-free!

Reverse the Plastic Apocalypse with Vending Machines
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