Robot Vending Machine Australia


Just like the soda-mixing freestyle machines that were developed a few years ago, Smart Vending Machines is introducing robot vending machine systems. These vending machines are capable of creating custom mixtures of cereals and toppings, including nuts and fresh fruits. Our new robot vending machine Australia at Smart Vending Machines can deliver the perfect breakfast bowl to you as quickly as possible.

At Smart Vending Machines, we specialize in designing and supplying smart custom vending machine solutions for businesses and brands throughout Australia. Our robot vending machine solutions feature state-of-the-art technology and can handle basic operations quickly and efficiently. With this robot vending machine, you can take your food business to the next level.

How Does the Robot Vending Machine Work?

Robot Vending Machine MelbourneThe robot vending machine allows customers to create their preferred breakfast bowl mixture using superior ingredients. The vending machine system features easy-to-use touchscreen interphase, which the customer can use to select ingredients to be added. You can choose from a combination of up to 22 different ingredient options to add to your breakfast bowl. All ingredients are sealed away in glass chambers, and customers can see where their order is coming from.

Furthermore, the robot vending machine can be operated using a mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. Depending on your preference, you can fill your breakfast bowl with milk or yogurt as the base, then add other ingredients. You will be charged accordingly, depending on your preferred combination or how elaborate you want to start or end your day.

Additionally, the robot vending machine offers pre-determined mixes for customers who are unable to decide on what they want. Some of the available ingredient options include Frosted Flakes, Krave cereals Froot Loops, banana chips, chocolate drops, espresso syrup, and many more. With the numerous available options, you can create the right breakfast bowl.

Benefits of Robot Vending Machine

Robot vending machines offer a new kind of experience to customers. Due to the different ingredient options available, customers are able to combine several ingredients and create their preferred breakfast bowl. Depending on your preference or the amount you are willing to spend on a breakfast bowl, you can create the perfect cereal mixture to meet your unique needs.

Also, the robot vending machine helps food businesses and restaurants reduce the amount of human-to-human contact involved in daily operations. The robot vending machine system stores all 22 ingredient options in chambers protected and sealed up behind the glass. This helps improve hygiene and keeps ingredients safe for consumption. With the robot vending machine, making the perfect breakfast bowl just got easier and faster.

Need Quality Robot Vending Machine? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Smart Vending Machines to request a quote. Our robot vending machine and custom vending machine systems are high-quality, highly affordable, and reliable. Our experts can help customize how the machine looks and works. This ensures that it serves your business better and delivers the best customer experience. We proudly serve businesses and brands across Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, Australia.

Robot Vending Machine Australia
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