How Intelligent Vending Machine is Changing the Retail Business Landscape?

We live in an era of incredible technological change - right from smartphones to the unpiloted drones, the evidence of technological advancement is everywhere around us! In this digitised world where retailers are constantly exploring new ways to enhance customer experience, the AI-powered vending machines have emerged as one of the most progressive trends in…
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Micro Markets — Go Beyond the Conventional Vending!

The concept of micro markets has picked up pace in recent years. Businesses across the globe are upgrading their vending experience by embracing self-serving and innovative micro markets to offer diverse and hassle-free refreshment options to their employees. What is a Micro Market? Cheaper than a cafe and healthier than a traditional vending machine, a…
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Social Media Powdered Event Vending Machines Get Your Brands Noticed

Post It, or It didn’t Happen is the New Mantra of Social Networking Age In the 21st century, social media posts have become a way to record our existence. Social media has greatly influenced the brands; it is believed that consumers are more likely to purchase the brand that engages with them on social media…
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Top Technologies that Makes a Vending Machine Smarter!

Like everything else in this technology-driven world, vending machines are also evolving. They are getting smarter and more interactive. The vending machines have undergone massive upgrades since its official debut in the 1880s. They are no longer used just as a convenient and low-cost vehicle that shrinks an entire store into a refrigerator-sized money-minting machine.…
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Leverage Your Event Vending Machines for Brand Promotion

With technological advancement, the role of a vending machine has also evolved. Modern-day vending machines have promotional capabilities that can be leveraged for an effective marketing campaign. The ability of a vending machine to convey promotional messages to a broad audience at selected locations with high footfalls has caught the attention of the marketing community.…
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